In the middle of the southern Ecuadorian Andes right away from the city Cuenca – UNESCO World Cultural Capital – PPAG are building the German School Stiehle.

Wohnen ist eine Beschäftigung mit sich selbst.   Schneewittchen rückt maximal in die Nordwestecke. Schlankheit. Minimale Beeinträchtigung der Umgebung. Wirkung entlang der Taborstraße geschwächt. Einführung eines (höhen)vermittelnden Körpers mit städtebaulicher Wirkung entlang der Taborstraße und der Bruno-Marek-Allee. Dramaturgie eines konzentrierten Ensembles im Zentrum des vielseitigen Rands. Vernetzung der Freiräume: Vorbereich Taborstraße, Arkade, Durchlässigkeit zur Bruno-Marek-Allee, [...]

The construction of a small secondary school in the southern Norwegian village of Sauland, which PPAG architects designed together with the Norwegian Helen & Hard, brings cluster and village together. Austrian-international school construction expertise and Scandinavian timber construction expertise were the subject of a successful fusion. Free learning and project-oriented teaching are in the foreground, frontal teaching is limited to a sensible level. It was the largest new construction project in the village for 20 years.

The Campus+ is a current type of an educational institution uniting over 1,000 children and adolescents from 0-14 years under one roof. It is an integrating institution operating full-day and year-round.

The proposed design of the new preschool organization is developed as a lively environment full of different characters and needs.