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Speculative Application

6 month internship

PPAG is offering a 6 month internship to talented and dedicated students. You will work mainly on competitions and increase your knowledge in visualisation, modelling and conceptual thinking.

We expect you to work independently and be motivated to try out new approaches.
Knowledge of computer-aided design software is an advantage.


Cultural and social relevance is both the goal and content of our architectural self-understanding. Hence, PPAG is looking forward to meeting exciting speculative applicants. The applicant will work on interesting projects in the realm of urbanism, housing, education and special challenges that will be worked on with precision, talent and enthusiasm for trying out new approaches.

We expect you to take joy in drawing, responsibility, openness, direct communication and sensibility for the team. Work experience is an advantage.

Please send a digital application with a pdf portfolio

apply here

If we think you could be the right person to join our team we will contact you
within four weeks. We kindly ask you for your patience.


Foto (c) Anna Sophia Rußmann

Anna Popelka
Georg Poduschka
Sabine Gundhacker
Paul Fürst
Anna Zottl
Florian Bartelsen
Christian Wegerer
Felix Zankel
Jakub Dvorak
Anna Krumpholz
Billie Murphy
Leonie Maier
Lukas Ortner
Nadja Opardija
Olga Muskała
Helena Wallander
Paul Konrad
Petra De Colle
Stefan Pall
Jonas Steinmetz
Marie Reichel
Kerstin Enn
Valerie Assmus
Mia Buljan
Maja Ajdar
Nina Schönbach
Dominik Sellitsch
Maximilian Keil
Karolin Kohnke
Alberto Prior Garcia
Alexander von Lenthe
Henri Cullufe
Klaus Poxleitner
Robert Atzwanger
Alexander Nanu
Eva Alken