The former Otto-Wagner-Spital (hospital) on the Baumgartner Höhe is a cultural landmark and the grounds belonging to it a popular local recreation destination for the residents of Vienna. This, however, gives rise to conflict as soon as retroactive densification comes up for discussion. The idea of a building design ‘on tiptoe’, with a figure-ground diagram [...]

Affordable housing in a prime location in Berlin: 78 residential units and 2 commercial units, KfW standard 55.
A new building for degewo in a construction gap near Gleisdreieck. The urgency of affordable inner-city housing suggests that as many apartments as possible should be built at this location. A forecourt is formed at the corner with the narrow alley, avoiding the unexposed interior corner. No apartment is exclusively north-facing. The project shows floor plans common in the housing market. A more radical original variant, that challenges these usages in favor of more urban lifestyles, was rejected by the client.

The project called OPEN UP! implements the concept of a new Viennese apartment building. The new Vienna Zinshaus is a flexible, hybrid, de-specialized building. Within the skeleton construction, the premises can be changed with the needs and demands of today's and future residents or users and offer a high degree of flexibility and sustainable use. [...]
Wohnen ist eine Beschäftigung mit sich selbst.   Schneewittchen rückt maximal in die Nordwestecke. Schlankheit. Minimale Beeinträchtigung der Umgebung. Wirkung entlang der Taborstraße geschwächt. Einführung eines (höhen)vermittelnden Körpers mit städtebaulicher Wirkung entlang der Taborstraße und der Bruno-Marek-Allee. Dramaturgie eines konzentrierten Ensembles im Zentrum des vielseitigen Rands. Vernetzung der Freiräume: Vorbereich Taborstraße, Arkade, Durchlässigkeit zur Bruno-Marek-Allee, [...]
All photographs taken by Paul Bauer