Rural areas are developing in line with the times. At the Pogusch in the Austrian Alps, Birgit and Heinz Reitbauer prove this at an altitude of 1050 m: PPAG architects, the minds behind the extension of the Steirereck restaurant in Vienna’s Stadtpark in 2015, also won the competition for the new formation of the Steirereck am Pogusch in 2018. The extensive construction project was completed in spring 2022. The complex now includes a farm, a biomass power plant, as well as hospitality and gastronomy of the highest standard. PPAG architects are responsible for completely renewed structures in the inn and kitchen, a new gazebo and two unconventional glass houses (with a garden for rare plants as kitchen hinterland, overnight accommodation in cabanes and a multi-storey spa). The realization, in collaboration with the best handicraft companies, allowed for a nowadays unusual level of detail

Affordable housing in a prime location in Berlin: 78 residential units and 2 commercial units, KfW standard 55.
A new building for degewo in a construction gap near Gleisdreieck. The urgency of affordable inner-city housing suggests that as many apartments as possible should be built at this location. A forecourt is formed at the corner with the narrow alley, avoiding the unexposed interior corner. No apartment is exclusively north-facing. The project shows floor plans common in the housing market. A more radical original variant, that challenges these usages in favor of more urban lifestyles, was rejected by the client.

The project called OPEN UP! implements the concept of a new Viennese apartment building. The new Vienna Zinshaus is a flexible, hybrid, de-specialized building. Within the skeleton construction, the premises can be changed with the needs and demands of today's and future residents or users and offer a high degree of flexibility and sustainable use. [...]

Ephemeral openly traversable gastro structure on ground level at line No 2 – according to the jury it resembles Hollein in the 1980s??