The elastic apartment was developed for degewo real estate management as a housing project with 200 units for a specific site in Berlin. Not only the apartment itself is elastic regarding to occupancy and use, but also the resulting urban design. A combination of units enables dealing with almost any urban space-related situation. In this specific [...]
Wohnen ist eine Beschäftigung mit sich selbst.   Schneewittchen rückt maximal in die Nordwestecke. Schlankheit. Minimale Beeinträchtigung der Umgebung. Wirkung entlang der Taborstraße geschwächt. Einführung eines (höhen)vermittelnden Körpers mit städtebaulicher Wirkung entlang der Taborstraße und der Bruno-Marek-Allee. Dramaturgie eines konzentrierten Ensembles im Zentrum des vielseitigen Rands. Vernetzung der Freiräume: Vorbereich Taborstraße, Arkade, Durchlässigkeit zur Bruno-Marek-Allee, [...]
View from Wasserburggasse DOESN'T LOOK THAT HIGH AT ALL! - The high-rise family is growing together.   Height concentration in the middle of the property, away from the neighbours, without burdening the Bahnstraße. At Nordberg-/Althanstraße, a sequence of heights that communicate with the existing stock. The city within the city opens up dynamic and exciting [...]

The Campus+ is a current type of an educational institution uniting over 1,000 children and adolescents from 0-14 years under one roof. It is an integrating institution operating full-day and year-round.

Proposal for the extension of the Vienna Museum on Karlsplatz

sections site plan ground floor exhibition floor exhibition floor

new exhibition area in the east wing of the technical museum vienna