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News from 05/08/2021

Shelf prototypes, body heat and the quality of stay in a room

Our PCM shelf is part of the exhibition "die körper und der raum", which opened in the aut.architektur und tirol. It is dedicated to today's dimension of physicality in the production and reception of architecture.
The PCM shelf is a solution to the problem of overheating in densely used rooms such as schools, universities and offices and, together with the natural summer night ventilation, contributes to heat compensation: the aluminum panels filled with PCM (phase change material / latent heat storage) absorb the ambient heat. Choosing the right material determines the temperature at which the material changes from solid to liquid.

the body and the space. 114 contributions on sensual cognizance
Exhibition at the aut. architektur und tirol until 18.09.2021


News from 17/05/2024

Schools for Vienna, Berlin and Cuenca

A lot is currently happening in terms of PPAG school construction – worldwide!
While the city of Vienna is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Sonnwendviertel educational campus  – and thus the pilot project of the paradigm shift in Viennese educational construction – the city of Berlin is opening two schools united under one roof and around two sports halls on the Allee der Kosmonauten. This is one of the first new schools to be built as part of Berlin's school construction offensive, and the largest. Access to the building, including the Howoge exhibition, is possible on 1.06.2024 and on selected guided tours. You can find more information here.
On the other side of the Atlantic and at 2,600 meters above sea level in the Andes, the first building section of the new school complex for the German School Stiehle in Cuenca has gone into operation in Ecuador. We designed the school as a high-rise building on a slope on a plot of land with a height difference of 56 meters. The project we designed was implemented on site by Durán-Hermida Arquitectos.

Photo: © Franz Brück

News from 16/05/2024

10 years of Sonnwendviertel educational campus

The Sonnwendviertel educational campus its celebrating its 10th anniversary today!
This municipal educational facility for children aged 0 to 14 consists of a kindergarten, elementary school and secondary school and is based on an innovative educational concept developed by the City of Vienna. It was the first of its kind in Austria, in which educational facilities are organized in so-called clusters or compartments. Four classrooms, a project room and a team room for the teachers are arranged around a marketplace, where students learn and live across classes and groups. During all-day lessons, the educational facility is not only a learning space but also a living space. At today's 10th anniversary celebration, we were able to witness the enthusiasm with which the principals, teachers, children and young people teach, learn and live here. Congratulations!

News from 15/04/2024

Exhibition „New School(s) for Berlin“ at the Allee der Kosmonauten school

The big moment has arrived: our double school in Allee der Kosmonauten in Berlin Lichtenberg has been completed and handed over to the city! This is the largest school construction project to date as part of the Berlin school construction offensive. Our new school building for a grammar school, an integrated secondary school (ISS) and two triple sports halls under one roof follows the pedagogical concept of the Berlin Learning and Team House. To mark the occasion, HOWOGE and the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family invite you to the guided exhibition "New school(s) for Berlin".

You can register here from April 29, 2024 for a guided tour.
Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka are guiding through the school on following appointments:
May 28, 2024 1am to 3pm and June 4, 2024 6pm to 8pm.

News from 05/03/2024

Lecture and discussion at the AZW with Sophie Delhay and PPAG architects

At the Architekturzentrum Wien, on Wednedsday 3rd April, we will present some of our spaces made for a diverse constellation of uses, as well as our research into “elastic homes”. We are also very much looking forward to the discussion with Sophie Delhay, who has dedicated herself to social housing that is forward-looking!

Moderation: Angelika Fitz, Az W

When: Wednedsday 3rd April, 6 pm
Where: Architekturzentrum Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien

More info here.

The event was recorded and is be available online here.

News from 04/12/2023

International 2023 Piranesi Honorable Mention for “Rivus Vivere”

The Jury of the International Piranesi Award has awarded our „Rivus Vivere“ project in Vienna the 2023 Piranesi Honorable Mention!
Here is is a quote from the official statement by the jury: „This is an ambitious large-scale project. It creates high-density housing while keeping the character of a city neighborhood. It makes intimate shared courtyards with different layers of privacy. We commend the exploration of different living typologies in a major project of this kind.“

Read more about the award and the other awardees here.

Photo: Hertha Hurnaus

News from 21/11/2023

Der Film – Architekturpreis des Landes Steiermark 2023

After yesterday’s premiere at the Haus der Architektur in Graz of the "Steirereck am Pogusch" project, which was awarded the 2023 Styrian Federal State Prize, the film is now online.
Heinz Reitbauer and his team, curator Indira van 't Klooster as well as Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka have their say and provide insights into the "making of" the project.

Director: Anna Prugger
Camera and editing: Patrick Neves
Production: kanal3 Regionalfernsehen,

Watch the video here.

Film still: © kanal3 Regionalfernsehen

News from 13/11/2023

Book presentation & film premiere at the HDA: STYRIONOMICS – Architecture Prize of the Federal State of Styria 2023

The HDA is presenting a book and film premiere to mark the awarding of the Architecture Prize of the Province of Styria 2023:

The curator of the Architecture Prize of the Province of Styria 2023 Indira van 't Klooster has proposed the awarding of three projects after a thorough examination and inspection of the submitted works. The Province of Styria has followed her recommendation. The following projects were selected:

Steirereck am Pogusch
, PPAG architects

Weinhof Locknbauer, 
Mascha Ritter
Ortszentrum Stanz, 
Nussmüller Architekten

 Dietger Wissounig Architekten
Anatomielehrstuhl Med Uni Graz, Franz&Sue
Kiubo 1.0, Hofrichter - Ritter Architekten
Stadtbootshaus, KUESS Architektur
Club Hybrid, Pretterhofer Arquitectos und MVD Austria
MED CAMPUS Graz, Riegler Riewe Architekten

The "Styrianomics" publication, released by Jovis Verlag, presents award winners and recognitions as well as the six nominated projects to the public. In the book, Indira van 't Klooster explains nine architectural qualities that stand for contextual and sustainable architecture and are represented by the selected projects in Styria.

This will be followed by the film premiere of the "Steirereck am Pogusch" project by PPAG architects, which was awarded the 2023 Styrian Federal State Prize. The project participants, users and curator Indira van 't Klooster have their say and provide insights into the "making of" the project.

The event will take place on Monday, 20.11.2023 from 7 pm at the HDA.

More details at

Film still: © kanal3 Regionalfernsehen

News from 08/11/2023

Austrian State Prize nomination

On Tuesday, November 7, the State Prize for Architecture 2023 was awarded by the Austrian Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs. In line with the three state prize winners, the jury honored four additional projects with nominations and a special prize.

We are delighted about the nomination of the Steirereck am Pogusch in the "Services" category as well as the associated visibility and role model effect that the Ministry aims to achieve with its recognition based on the concept of excellence!

Congratulations to the three State Prize winners, in particular to the architectural practices querkraft, maria flöckner und hermann schnöll as well as Pichler & Traupmann!

More details here.

News from 31/10/2023

Design the design process: Guest lecture on design methods at TU Wien (in German)

The Research Department Building Theory and Design at TU Wien cordially invites you to
Design the design process!
einszueins architecture and PPAG architects
Guest lectures on design methods

When: Thursday, 16.11.2023, 19:00
Where: Lecture hall 7 Schütte-Lihotzky, TU Vienna, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna, ground floor
Event recording:
Chair: Fabian Wallmüller

Designing architecture means designing, but how do we as architects shape the design process? In other words: what tools do we use to design, what methods do we use to analyze, research, experiment, evaluate and decide in the design process? And in general: how open-ended is this design process, and how flexible is the built result with regard to changing framework conditions and usage behavior?

More info here.

News from 27/10/2023

Learning Quarter – School as a Hybrid Urban Space (in German)

The BDA Baden-Württemberg is hosting the 65th "Learning Quarter - School as a Hybrid Urban Space", a discussion between architects and representatives from the administration on the potentials and obstacles of hybrid learning quarters and schools as social urban actors. Schools as social and diverse places have not only undergone a fundamental change in their inner organism over the last few decades. Rather, it is increasingly being perceived as a multifunctional building block and an active member of the urban context. Educational buildings are thus becoming an important public interface in the neighborhood community.

Roland Hatz, Project Management School Construction, Frankfurt am Main
Anna Popelka, PPAG Vienna/Berlin
Julian Weyer, CFMøller, Copenhagen/Berlin

Hannah Pinell, IBA'27, Stuttgart

When: Monday 13.11.2023, 19:00 h
Where: BDA Wechselraum, Friedrichstrasse 5, 70180 Stuttgart

News from 18/09/2023

Our first Berlin school building will open in 2024

One of the first school buildings of the Berlin School Construction Offensive is nearing completion on Allee der Kosmonauten in Berlin-Lichtenberg, . With its 32,000 m2 GFA, it is also the largest. Our new school consistently follows the model of the Berlin Compartment School, with which the state of Berlin has achieved a paradigm shift in educational construction. The realization was taken over by the municipal housing company HOWOGE.

This educational building with its exemplary design is intended as a supportive learning and living space for a heterogeneous generation of young people: an integrated secondary school, a grammar school and two sports halls are combined in one building on a 38,000 m2 site. Five identical, five-story compartment arms are arranged in a star shape around the large and double-height gymnasia, which thus also take on expanded tasks in everyday school life. The entire first floor with its 900 m2 piazza under the sports halls, the multi-purpose rooms, music rooms, refectories and workshops is also open to non-school uses.

Everything is educational space, including the library, workshops, science rooms, or teaching kitchen. And even the facade: the individual facade modules, in combination with shelving and furniture elements inside, are an appropriation-open part of the furnishings.

In September 2024, about 1,600 students and 200 teachers will start school in the high school and the secondary school united under one roof.

News from 03/08/2023

Visit “Rivus Vivere” during OPEN HOUSE VIENNA

OPEN HOUSE WIEN opens architecture that is normally not accessible to the public - free of charge and for everyone. On September 9 and 10, 2023, all those interested in architecture will have the opportunity to visit a wide variety of buildings during short guided tours. On Sunday, September 10, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., "Rivus Vivere", our urban building block in Breitenfurter Straße, will be part of the event, and we will provide a specialized guided tour with Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka at 11 a.m.!

On top of an artificial mountain housing cars, storage and technical equipment, 296 apartments and 12 commercial units were built right on Breitenfurter Straße. The project "Rivus Vivere" is a statement to the city. Not another condominium, not a dwelling house, but a lively urban district. On three publicly accessible levels, the 7 houses, all different in height, width and length, form an exciting urban space with narrow paths and stairs, wide squares and built-over passages.

More info is available here and on the OHW city map, which will be available from 17 August 2023 at the following locations, among others:
Town Hall City Information, Tourist Info Albertinaplatz, Vienna Main Library or WIENXTRA Jugendinfo.

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 14/07/2023

“Future Münster 2050” at the IBA’27-Festival in Stuttgart

With "Future Münster 2050", our Stuttgart project for the Münster am Neckar building cooperative, we are showing what the transformation of an aging cooperative housing estate into a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable neighborhood can look like. The first construction phase is to be completed in time for the International Building Exhibition 2027!

Our design features five new houses in dense and modular timber construction. Apartments with a wide variety of floor plans, community rooms, a bicycle workshop and a repair café are planned. In total, around 220 new apartments will be created, about 60 more than today. With the 1:50 scale model, members of the building cooperative can get an idea of how they will soon be able to live!

Until September 23rd you can get to know out project any many others during the IBA’27-Festival! In the middle of Stuttgart's pedestrian zone, the Festival Headquarters invites you to get to know the IBA'27. More info here.

News from 14/06/2023

PPAG at the Architecture Day in Berlin

Under the motto "Architecture Transforms", numerous project tours and open offices on the last weekend in June invite you to discover architecture through current contributions in Berlin.

We will be showing a gem at the end of Schwartzkopffstrasse, right next to the park at Nordbahnhof, on an elongated plot along the Berlin Wall, a listed monument. Each of the apartments has rooms of individual length, width and height. The inner liveliness carries to the outside, which is noticeable, among other things, in very different window formats and in protrusions and recesses.

When: Guided tours on June 24 at 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Where: Meeting point Schwartzkopffstrasse 11a, 10115 Berlin

More about the program here:

Photo: © Jan Bitter

News from 06/06/2023

“gebaut 2022” Architecture Award of the City of Vienna for Rivus Vivere, our Urban Building Block Breitenfurter Straße

In the fight against climate change and the heat, the City of Vienna is looking for innovative building projects that take climate change into account architecturally in their planning. For the "gebaut 2022" architecture award, pioneering, inspiring and exemplary solutions were sought that also contribute to social sustainability and climate protection. Of all the projects submitted, 27 were selected and awarded prizes. They will now be shown for one year in the exhibition of the same name in the premises of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design (MA 19) as well as reproduced in the publication "gebaut 2020-2025".

BUWOG commissioned PPAG architects with the project "Rivus Vivere" in Vienna's 23rd district: 296 apartments and 12 commercial units later we are pleased to receive this award from the City of Vienna!

Details of the exhibition „gebaut 2022“

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 01/06/2023

Two A+ Jury-Awards for the Steirereck am Pogusch

We have won two A+Awards! The jury has chosen our project Steirereck am Pogusch as a winner both in the “Sustainable Hospitality Building” and “Restaurants (L >1000 sq ft)“ categories!

The Architizer A+Awards, with a global audience of 400+ million, is the largest awards program focused on promoting and celebrating the year’s best architecture. Its mission is to nurture the appreciation of meaningful design in the world and champion its potential for a positive impact on everyday life.

We are proud and thrilled and are looking forward to the awards ceremony in Paris this fall!

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 15/05/2023

Rivus Vivere (Urban Building Block Breitenfurter Straße) on display in Venice

In conjunction with the Venice Architecture Biennale, Platform is organizing an exhibition and an architecture festival  at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia.

The theme of the 2023 Exhibition, THE NEW TOGETHER, taking place from 20 May to 30 July 2023, is the Manifesto and at the same time an active platform in which to start gathering all those projects that are children of a new time, generous and able to indicate the change we are experiencing and the solutions that can accompany this transition.

We happily accepted the invitation to participate with our project Urban Building Block Breitenfurter Straße (commissioned as „Rivus Vivere“ by BUWOG) and are also looking forward to the Platform Architecture Festival, from 23rd to 26th June 2023. Paul Fürst will give a speech on the theme of The New Together as seen by PPAG architects. Follow us and all the other participants on Platform Architecture's digital channels.

Scuola Grande della Misericordia, Venice
Opening event: 19 May 2023 at 6 p.m.
Exhibition from 20 May to 30 July 2023.
PLATFORM architecture festival from 23 to 26 June 2023

More info on the exhibition and the festival here
Find the entire Manifesto by Luca Molinari and Simona Finessi here.

News from 06/05/2023

Have you voted for us yet?

We’re an A+Awards finalist – and you can help us become a winner!
Vote for our Steirereck am Pogusch project in the “Architecture +Landscape”, “Sustainable Hospitality Building” and “Restaurants (L >1000 sq ft)“ category at You can vote until May 12, 2023.

The Architizer A+Awards, with a global audience of 400+ million, is the largest awards program focused on promoting and celebrating the year’s best architecture. Its mission is to nurture the appreciation of meaningful design in the world and champion its potential for a positive impact on everyday life.

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 05/05/2023

Architecture Award of the Province of Styria 2023 goes to PPAG

Our Steirereck am Pogusch project has won another architecture prize! This time it’s awarded by the Land of Styria in cooperation with the Haus der Architektur in Graz. We are particularly delighted by the comment of curator Indira van 't Klooster:  “The Steirereck am Pogusch establishes a close relationship with nature, both in the way the project works with local materials and in the way it forms an enclosed human habitat that functions as a regional node in the network of food production for gastronomy. The architects have created a unique architectural language by respecting the conditions of the past, applying a transparent form-follows-function principle, and practicing the reuse or repurposing of materials wherever possible. The result is an eclectic ensemble that provides inspiration for present and future challenges in Styria and beyond."

We thank all the experts who have realized this project together with us! And a special thank goes to Birgit and Heinz Reitbauer for the trust they put in PPAG for realizing their extraordinary vison.

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 23/03/2023

New Vienna Address!

We have a new office in Vienna! From now on you and your mail can reach us at Gumpendorfer Straße 65. Sounds familiar? Yes, we were already there a few years ago, on the ground floor. This time we have taken over the first floor. Our phone numbers remain unchanged.

News from 22/02/2023

“Hot Questions” that are relevant to today’s world

The Architekturzentrum Wien collects and exhibits Austrian architecture. Since 2022, the new permanent exhibition "Hot Questions Cold Storage" deals with burning questions, first and foremost "What can architecture do?

Now the catalog for it has been published, in German and English, and it is just as colorful and fantastic as the show collection! We are particularly proud to be represented in it with the Sonnwendviertel Education Campus, as well as the specially developed Manta tables, which allow numerous different combinations for learning in groups.

More here.

News from 09/01/2023

PPAG in dialogue

Right from the beginning of the year, Anna Popelka, Georg Poduschka and Christian Wegerer will present different PPAG projects at several symposia. Save the Dates!

25.01.2023 – Vienna, imh Fachkonferenz:  Nachhaltiger Bildungsbau with Christian Wegerer

01.02.2023 –  Karlsruhe, KIT Architecture Lectures: Rencontre accidentielle between Daniel Niggli & Anna Popelka >>> Online via Zoom: Meeting-ID: 963 393 8137

04.03.2023 –  Vienna, TURN ON ‘23 Architecture Festival with Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka

18.04. 2023 – Munich, DETAIL forum / BAU23 : Homes of the future with Christian Wegerer

News from 06/01/2023

School building offensive in Italy – one third and two fourth prizes

In the summer of 2022, the Italian government launched 220 two-stage individual competitions for new school replacement buildings throughout the country.  PPAG architects, after reviewing the individual competitions and the types of schools requested (such as elementary schools, secondary schools, capacity...), submitted a proposal for 22 of the projects: a predesigned school building, identical for all plots, mainly in timber construction, which meets the demanded requirements of contemporary pedagogy.

For the planned reformation of everyday school life (NUOVE SCUOLE), including a new conception of suitable spatial structures, repetitive, identical framework conditions are in fact of great advantage, as it is conducive to the exchange of experiences of the users in operation. The multiple realization of an identical building naturally also brings organizational and construction-economic synergies in the planning and execution phases.

Out of a total of over 1,200 submissions, our building was selected for in-depth work in the second stage of four competitions under jury chairman Renzo Piano. Three of the projects were actually submitted by PPAG for the second stage of the competitions. They were awarded the following placements by the jury: 3rd prize for Cento (Emilia Romagna), 4th prize for Foggia (Puglia) and 4th prize for Boviso-Masciago (Lombardy).

News from 19/12/2022

Sharing good news

As the year comes to a close, we would like to look back on projects that provide us, and hopefully everyone involved, joy! After completing the new Steirereck am Pogusch in spring and the shell of our Berlin school in the Allee der Kosmonauten in autumn, we have nearly finished our urban module Breitenfurter Straße in Vienna. On the other hand, we have started a new project for neighborhood development in Stuttgart, and a creative construction site also awaits us in our new Vienna office next year!

Until we  diclose more details we are closing our offices in Vienna and Berlin from December 23, 2022 to January 6, 2023 and will treat ourselves to a well-deserved break.

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones !

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 09/12/2022

The shell for Berlin’s largest new school building is in place

We have good reason to be proud and happy! On the Allee der Kosmonauten in Berlin-Lichtenberg, the shell of the first and largest new school building of the Berlin School Construction Offensive is in place. At the same time, PPAG architects have designed Berlin's first compartment school. Two schools will be united under one roof there in the future.
The five-wing reinforced concrete skeleton building stretches 167 m in length in a north-south direction and 107 m at its widest point from east to west. 1,600 students are to be taught there by around 200 educators from the summer of 2024. Three of the five wings will house a high school, two of the wings a secondary school.
Together, the students will be able to use not only the 900-square-meter piazza that forms the entrance area of the double school, but also the library, workshops, science classrooms, teaching kitchen and roof terrace with green classroom. The two sports halls stacked on top of each other in the core of the building can also be used by everyone, as can the outdoor facilities on the 38,000-square-meter site. The outdoor area will offer opportunities for sports activities ranging from bouldering to playing basketball or skating.

Photo: © Howoge / Adrian Schultz

News from 07/11/2022

European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture 2022

The catalogue of the EUmies Awards 2022 is out! This 500-pages book is the last piece of the collection of catalogues that depicts a wide panorama of the best European architecture along the years with text and detailed plans of each of the nominated works from A to Z.

On page 232, you’ll find the combination of the Primary and Vocational School we built for the City of Vienna! You can also see it in the archive on the award’s website.

More about the the EUmies Awards:

News from 22/10/2022

Steirereck am Pogusch gets awarded the GerambRose

The GerambRose 2022  has been awarded! This architecture prize is awarded biennially in recognition of achievements that have been made in the sense of preserving or creating high-quality building culture. We are delighted that our project Steirereck am Pogusch has been chosen by the jury and is now officially a cultural landmark of Styria.
Many thanks to Heinz and Birgit Reitbauer for their trust in our interpretation of their vision!

The Award ceremony took place inmidst of picturesque styrian wineyards and contemporary architecture at Weinhof Locknbauer in Tieschen.
From left to right: Barbara Meisterhofer (Baukultur Steiermark), Andreas Tropper (Regional Building Director of Styria), Much Untrifaller (GerambRose Jury), Heinz Reitbauer (Steirereck), Anna Popelka, Georg Poduschka, Christian Wegerer (PPAG architects).

Read more about the jury's decision here (in German).

Photo: © CreateJu

News from 06/10/2022

Steirereck am Pogusch awarded a „Best of Best“ Iconic Award

The prize-giving ceremony of the German Design Council’s Iconic Awards took place in Munich on October 5th. We are thrilled that PPAG architects have been awarded the "Best of Best" prize in the category “Innovative Architecture” for the Steirereck am Pogusch!

More about the award can be found here.

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 05/10/2022

Primary and Vocational School Längenfeldgasse featured in DETAIL magazine

"Light and interiors" is the focus of the October issue of DETAIL magazine. Good lighting is essential in schools. Often, however, the site layout and the desired urban density obstruct an optimal supply of daylight. We are proud that with the latest school building in Vienna's Längenfeldgasse, PPAG was able to show how this dilemma can be resolved in the best possible way: Thus, our architecture brings daylight into the deep cluster spaces and relies on its effect for daily well-being.

Learn more about the project in the brand new October issue of DETAIL magazine: In the DETAIL Editorial Podcast, in the DETAIL 10.2022 Light and Interiors issue and in the Detail Inspiration database.

And here you can watch a video by Wolfgang Thaler!

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 03/10/2022

Exhibition for the Bauherrenpreis 2021 – “Ausgezeichnete Lebensräume”

Award-winning contemporary architecture "made in Austria" is on display in Vienna's Ringturm. A total of 152 buildings, landscapes or urban planning solutions that have been created in the past three years - including residential, office and educational buildings, scientific and cultural institutions as well as non-profit facilities - were submitted to the Austrian Bauherrenpreis 2021. The current exhibition features the 24 shortlisted projects selected from all submissions, including the Primary and Vocational School Längenfeldgasse.

Exhibition venue:
Exhibition Center in the Ringturm
Schottenring 30, 1010 Vienna.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Oktober 4, 2022 - January 13, 2023 (closed on holidays and on December 24 and 31, 2022)
Free admission.

More info on:

Photo: © Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein

News from 01/10/2022

Europe’s best Buildings

Every two years, the ever increasingly popular exhibition ‘Europe’s Best Buildings’ puts the focus on outstanding architecture projects from Europe: developments with visionary character, providing orientation or even serving as manifestos for the development of contemporary architecture.

For the third time, remarkable residential projects have made it into the final round, while for the first time the main prize goes to an educational building: the Town House — Kingston University in London, by Grafton Architects from Dublin.

The distinguished jury selected a total of 40 projects for the exhibition from over 500 nominations in 41 countries. The nominees from Austria include the Längenfeldgasse Primary and Vocational School by PPAG architects and are on view in the exhibition at the AzW.

When:  06.10.2022 – 23.01.2023, daily 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Where: Architekturzentrum Wien
Opening: 05.10.2022, 7 p.m.

An exhibition by the Fundació Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona and Creative Europe at the Architekturzentrum Wien.

More info here.

News from 30/09/2022

“More is possible” with PPAG and the Az W

The Quartierhaus OPEN UP! in the Sonnwendviertel can be visited on 07.10.2022 as part of the excursion "Es geht auch mehr / More is possible" of the Architekturzentrum Wien: In the Sonnwendviertel, Michael Wallraff and PPAG architects show that (residential) architecture can be far more than merely humdrum.
With Loft Living (Wallraff), an artistic/creative building group put its ideas for good accommodation into practice. The OPEN UP! house (PPAG) frees people from typological pigeonholes. For living in or for work? Both projects render such an either/or decision obsolete. Skeleton constructions permit spatial flexibility. The ground floor zones enter into a close relationship with the urban setting, with high rooms and an extreme openness well-suited to public use.

Registration required here.

Photo: © Paul Sebesta

News from 29/09/2022

Last chance to vote for the DETAIL Reader’s Award… and for our Längenfeldgasse Primary and Vocational School !

The international jury of DETAIL magazine has nominated 15 projects for the DETAIL Award 2022. And our Längenfeldgasse Primary and Vocational School, built for the City of Vienna, has been shortlisted!

Also, if you like our school project, you can vote for it for the DETAIL Readers' Award until September 30th, on the DETAIL magazine website. There are only a few hours left...

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 13/09/2022

Housing: IBA excursion in the Sonnwendviertel and round table with Anna Popelka

As part of the program of the IBA_Vienna 2022 - New Social Housing, a discussion platform on the six topics of actors*, mixed use, public space, housing, mobility and architecture under the name of "Round Table Sonnendwendviertel Ost" invites you to stroll through the new neighborhood around Helmut-Zilk-Park. Each round table will take a position on these six topics, at six different locations in the neighborhood.

On September 22, a panel discussion on the topic of housing will take place at the neighborhood house Bikes and Rails.

2 p.m. to 7 p.m., unguided tour on the topic of "Housing" see flyer
7 p.m., Panel discussion at Bikes and Rails, Emilie-Flöge-Weg 4, 1100 Vienna

with Anna Popelka, PPAG architects
Andre Krammer, dérive, TU Wien / Vienna University of Technology
Daniel Glaser, Wohnbauförderung
Andreas Hofer, Intendant IBA 2027 Stuttgart
Bernadette Krejs, TU Wien / Vienna University of Technology

Moderation: Robert Temel
(The panel discussion will be held in German.)

Further information and registration here: IBA Wien

Map: © IBA Wien

News from 02/09/2022

Bildungscampus Sonnwenddviertel on TV

Since the Austrian Education Reform 2017, a lot has changed in Austria's schools. Teachers can design their lessons entirely according to the needs of their pupils. The school bell has fallen silent in many places. Yet the new teaching methods, the move away from frontal teaching to free learning in small groups, require not only committed educators, but also new school architecture. Nicola Eller visited five examples of innovative learning environments for her ORF documentary in the summer of 2022.

We are glad to announce that our Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel, the first of its kind in Austria, will also be featured!

On September 12th, the first transmission will take place on television, on ORF2, as part of kulturMontag.

More info here: Architektur macht Schule ("Architecture makes school", in German only)
And a reading tip: Klassische Klassen haben ausgedient ("Classical classes have had their day" in German only)

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 01/09/2022

Visit the “Slim City” by PPAG during OPEN HOUSE VIENNA

OPEN HOUSE VIENNA opens exciting architecture that is otherwise not accessible to the public on September 10 and 11, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
For two days, free short tours of around 50 fascinating buildings in Vienna are on the agenda.
The following topical theme trails are planned for this year:
• IBA Vienna - New Social Housing
• Sustainable building: Climate, Energy, Renovation
• Building Groups

We are happy to be part of OPEN HOUSE with our Slim City completed in 2015 in the Seestadt Aspern! Also, on Saturday September 10 at 11am there will be a guided tour by Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka in person. Come and join us!

More info about the program can be found here.

Photo: © Wolfgang Thaler

News from 17/08/2022

DETAIL award: Primary and Vocational School Längenfeldgasse shortlisted!

The international jury of DETAIL magazine has nominated 15 projects for the DETAIL Award 2022. And we are thrilled because our Längenfeldgasse Primary and Vocational School, built for the City of Vienna, has been shortlisted!

Also, if you like our school project, you can vote for it for the DETAIL Readers' Award until September 30th, directly on the DETAIL magazine website.

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 15/07/2022

»Zukunft Münster 2050«  winning design

In cooperation with the IBA 27, the International Building Exhibition 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart, the building cooperative Münster am Neckar (BGM) had invited tenders for the urban planning and architectural workshop procedure for the new Moselstraße neighborhood.

We are very pleased to have convinced with our proposal for a socially acceptable, ecologically sustainable and economically viable neighborhood development and to have emerged as the winner for the urban design as well as for the realization of the 1st construction phase!

More information about the building project »Zukunft Münster 2050« and the IBA27

Rendering: © joyjoy studio

News from 07/07/2022

Topping out of our residential project on Breitenfurter Straße

We are celebrating the topping out of our residential and urban development project on Breitenfurter Straße! Rivus Vivere is the last construction phase of the Rivus neighborhood in Vienna's 23rd district.

Here we have designed a district that is integrative and inclusive from the start, with the aim of harmonizing individual human scale with urban density in an exemplary way. Squares, passages and infrastructures complementing the apartments are evolving on different levels, between buildings of different heights and depths. And the whole block will be car-free!

Completion of the nearly 300, very diverse, rental apartments is planned for the end of 2022.

News from 15/06/2022

“Tag der Architektur” in Berlin

Come and visit our house in Lützowstrasse 7!
On the occasion of the Berlin Day of Architecture, curated by the Berlin Chamber of Architects, Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka are guiding through our latest residential bulding in the German capital. Also, you will get the opportunity to visit our Berlin office!
No registration needed: simply drop by for one of the two appointments!

When: June 25th, 2022, at 4:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Where: Lützowstraße 7, 10785 Berlin

Read more about the event here
More info on the Lützowstraße project by PPAG.

Photo: © Jan Bitter

News from 11/06/2022

Education. What spaces do we imagine?

Video documentation of the discussion on June 10th 2022 (in German).

An impulse and discussion round on the central question "What kind of spaces do promote learning and teaching in our increasingly digital age?" moderated by Antje Lehn (Senior Scientist, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), adapted from the popular show of ORF from the 1970s to the 1990s, vividly remembered by all as "Club 2":


Amelie Muthsam, former student representative, Aktion kritischer Schüler*innen NÖ (Action of Critical Students Lower Austria)
Herbert Pfeiffer, director of the elementary school Gloggnitz
Georg Poduschka, architect, PPAG architects, Vienna
Michael Salvi, architect, Schenker Salvi Weber, Vienna
Rosa Strasser, Bertha von Suttner Private University St. Pölten

Concept and Moderator:
Antje Lehn, Senior Scientist, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

An event by ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich in cooperation with the Bertha von Suttner Private University St. Pölten

Direct link to the video (in German).

News from 19/05/2022

PPAG lecture at “architektur in progress” in the Domenig-House

We are very pleased to be guests at the lecture series of “architektur in progress”, a great platform for innovative and future-oriented architecture, on June 14 2022 at 7 p.m. We will talk about our understanding of architecture and are eager to discuss our latest projects - such as the Steirereck am Pogusch, the Integrated Secondary School (ISS) and the High School in Berlin's Allee der Kosmonauten, or House 10 on the grounds of the former Otto Wagner Hospital.

The event is being held in cooperation with DIMENSIONAL, the international architecture festival in honor of Günther Domenig. We are pleased to hold our lecture in a very special building of his!

Lecture (in German): Anna Popelka & Georg Poduschka
Tuesday, June 14 2022, 7 p.m.
Where: „Domenig-House“, Favoritenstraße 180, 1110 Wien

Registration: architektur in progress

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 18/05/2022

Circular Culture Festival in the MQ Vienna

A festival for young and old, in order to experience and create together. Waste becomes recyclable material and the benefit is more important than the product itself. Our linear economy is giving way to thinking in cycles.
And PPAG show their proposal for RE-PURPOSE with the now world-famous Enzis!

Refuse. Rethink. Reduce. Reuse. Repair. Refurbish. Remanufacture. Repurpose. Recycle. Recover.

On: June 11, 2022
At: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
In: MuseumsQuartier, Hof 7, Vienna

Organized by the Institute of Design Research Vienna and Designaustria
as a side event of the New European Bauhaus Festival. 

More info here.

News from 17/05/2022

The Finale of the Architekturtage 2021/22 is approaching!

This year's edition of the Architekturtage (=Architecture Days) with the motto "Architecture and Education: Living Learning Space" is all about the future and the potential of learning spaces.
We are very much looking forward to being guests of ORTE on June 10, 2022 in St.Pölten, lower Austria, as part of a panel discussion to explore the role of architecture in education: What characteristics must learning spaces have in order to best support (young) people in their acquisition of knowledge and the development of their creativity?
And on June 11, 2022, we are happy and proud to show off our latest Viennese school again, that is, naturally, only rarely accessible to the public. Join us and discover what we have to say about this building in particular and education architecture in general.

Friday June 10, 2022
Bildung! Welche Räume stellen wir uns vor?
(=Education! What spaces do we imagine?)
Presentation and discussion, curated by ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich.

18:00 Project presentation Kinderkunstlabor (=Children's Art Lab) St Pölten
with Michael Salvi, architect, Schenker Salvi Weber
and Mona Jas, artistic director KinderKunstLabor

18:30 Break for meeting and exchange of ideas

19:00 Panel discussion with
Anna Popelka, architect, PPAG architects, Vienna
Michael Salvi, architect, Schenker Salvi Weber, Vienna
Herbert Pfeiffer, director of the elementary school Gloggnitz
Rosa Strasser, Bertha von Suttner Private University St. Pölten
Amelie Muthsam, former student representative, Action of Critical Students Lower Austria
Antje Lehn, Senior Scientist, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Moderator)

Location: Campus St. Pölten, Campus-Platz 1, 3100 St. Pölten
Registration: ORTE Architecture Network Lower Austria

Saturday June 11, 2022
“Education path” through an exemplary “Educational Grätzl”
City walk, curated by the ÖGFA

On the very last day of this edition of the Architecture Days, we will tour our Primary and Vocational school in Längenfeldgasse in Vienna before heading to other exciting Viennese educational buildings with the ÖGFA! The foray on Saturday morning is dedicated to the in-service and vocational schools around Margaretengürtel with the Third Central Vocational School at Längenfeldgasse (1965, expanded in 2020) and leads along the urban wilderness at Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel past informal places of education, to the First Vocational School at Mollardgasse (1911). Come along and don't miss this opportunity!

Details on the exact program and registration: ÖGFA Austrian Society for Architecture

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 25/04/2022

The KURIER about the Otto-Wagner-Areal and House 10 by PPAG

Space to live, study and get healthy: The Otto-Wagner-Areal in Vienna is being reused, but remains accessible to all. The first apartments have been occupied, historic pavilions are being renovated, and students are to study here.
The former service area in the east has been converted into subsidized, affordable housing, and House 10 is a very special residential building: the neighboring Lichtblickhof, an equine therapy center for seriously ill and traumatized children run by the association e.motion, took over the entire building as a residential home. PPAG have developed a house in which therapists and cared-for children now live in barrier-free apartments, which even allow therapy horses access to the young patients on the ground floor.

Read the complete article (in German) here.

More details about our project here.

Photo: © e.motion - Lichtblickhof

News from 15/04/2022

PPAG’s „klimaaktiv“-project OPEN UP! will be officially awarded

On May 12, 2022, selected projects of the climate initiative “klimaaktiv Bauen und Sanieren”, which stands for energy efficiency, ecological quality, comfort and execution quality, will be awarded at the BauZ! Congress in Vienna. We are particularly proud that our apartment building OPEN UP! will be among them and are looking forward to the presentation of the certificates by Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler!

Photo: © Paul Sebesta

News from 22/03/2022

Our housing project OWS is “Residential Building of the Month”

This residential building by PPAG is the northernmost of ten houses realized so far in the eastern part of the area of the former Otto-Wagner-Spital (hospital). The basic idea for it was to avoid "sprawl" in the recreational area through the aesthetics of the house: An abstract building was to be created, that would not immediately appear as a residential building.
At the ÜBERBAU On-Stage Seminar on April 12, 2022, starting at 5 p.m., you will learn details about the residential project, the architecture, the landscape design and the users directly from the planners, and you will have the unique opportunity to visit the building during a guided tour with its architects, Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka.

(The lectures and the guided tour will be hold in German only)

17:00 Begrüßung
Mag. Hans Staudinger, Überbau Akademie

17:05 Vorträge
Das Wohnbauprojekt der Gesiba im Otto-Wagner-Areal
Ing. Ewald Kirschner, Generaldirektor Gesiba

Die Architektur des Hauses 10 – Oh, wie schön!
Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Anna Popelka und Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Georg Poduschka, PPAG Architects

Die Landschaftsarchitektur des Otto-Wagner-Areals
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Maria Auböck, Auböck + Kárász Landschaftsarchitektur

Das Projekt e.motion - Lichtblickhof
Mag. Roswitha Zink, Geschäftsführung, Therapeutin

18:15 Führung durch das Gebäude

19:15 Get-Together, mit kleinem Imbiss und Drinks

Sign up here or write an email to

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 11/03/2022

An evening at the Primary and Vocational School Längenfeldgasse

School buildings are usually not accessible to outside parties. This is especially unfortunate when the architecture has a lot to offer that’s new. On March 24 May 12, interested visitors will have the opportunity to get to know our latest Viennese school building and to visit it! As part of ÜBERBAU's On-Stage Seminar, starting at 5 p.m., you can learn more about the development of this novel school building project, the architectural and urban planning concept, and other important elements such as daylight planning and window gap ventilation. We will of course also take you on a guided tour of the school building.

 (The lectures and the guided tour will be hold in German only)

17:00 Begrüßung
Mag. Hans Staudinger, Überbau Akademie
Mag. Andrea Trattnig, Leiterin, MA 56 - Wiener Schulen

17:05 Vorträge
Die Entwicklung des Projekts Volks- und Berufsschule Längenfeldgasse
Dipl.-Ing. Ing. Michael Kern-Farkas, BSc, Referent - Planung öffentliche Bauten, MA 19

Das architektonische und städtebauliche Konzept
Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Anna Popelka, Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Georg Poduschka, PPAG architects

Der Umgang mit dem Tageslicht
Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Renate Hammer, MAS
Geschäftsführerin Institute of Building Research & Innovation ZT GmbH

Natürlich automatisierte kontrollierte Fensterspaltlüftung
Dipl.-Ing. Ernst Kainmüller, Geschäftsführer, Bauklimatik GmbH

Herausforderungen an die Bauausführung
Ing. David Glößl, Projektmanager, PORR Bau GmbH

18:15 Führung durch das Gebäude

19:15 Get-Together, with snacks and drinks

Sign up here or write an email to

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 21/01/2022

PPAG architects at the Architekturzentrum Wien

The Architekturzentrum Wien is the only museum in Austria devoted exclusively to architecture. As the Az W Collection has expanded over the last 17 years and consists of over 85 architects’ estates as well as extensive collections of individual projects, a large number of objects are being shown for the first time in the new permanent exhibition: ‘Hot Questions — Cold Storage’. Selected models, drawings, furniture, fabrics, documents and films develop new threads in seven thematic episodes. Each episode is preceded by one of today’s burning issues, a Hot Question that brings Cold Storage to life.
We are happy to be part of the new permanent exhibition with our Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel, a communal educational facility for children aged from 0 -14, the first of its kind in Austria.

Exhibition: from February 3rd 2022, daily 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Opening: February 2nd at 7 p.m.
Location: Architekturzentrum Wien, MQ, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

Read more about the new permanent exhibition and the Az W here.

Poster: © Architekturzentrum Wien

News from 19/01/2022

We are nominated for the ArchDaily 2022 Building of the Year Awards!

Our latest School building in Vienna, the Längenfeldgasse Primary and Vocational School, is a nominee for the ArchDaily 2022 Building of the Year Awards!
Voting is open!

Photo: © Hertha Hurnaus

News from 13/01/2022

Round Table at the Aedes Architecture Forum

Climate crisis, distributive justice, complexity of a pluralistic society - we are in the midst of a unique change that effects on all areas of life. In this context, change especially holds an opportunity to rethink and redesign our coexistence and our environment. "Finding the 'necessary new' is also the task of architecture and urban planning. It is the sought-after face of the European Green Deal, going far beyond conventional design strategies and leaving conventions behind," say Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka. They see new forms of mixing and lived density, houses that are no longer recognizable as such, cities in which the concepts of house, street or square are obsolete, in which nature is not an antagonist, and that are there for everyone: livable and beautiful.
To discuss the vastness of architecture's space of possibility, Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka, architecture journalist Maik Novotny, and Christian Kühn, Dean of Studies for Architecture at the Vienna University of Technology, met for a conversation at the Aedes Architekturforum, in the midst of the exhibition "Die Möglichkeit steht im Raum / Making Space for Possibilities”, one day before its closing.

Photo: © Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk

News from 21/12/2021

Making Space for Possibilities. This year, next year.

2021 is coming to a fantastic ending! And before we meet again in 2022, here are a few projects we look back on in delight:
In November, our latest exhibition "Making Space for Possibilities" was inaugurated at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin with much success. By the way, you can visit us there until January 13, 2022. We are organizing a Discussion Panel (in German) on January 12, 2022 at the exhibition space: Kaye Geipel, Christian Kühn and Maik Novotny will join us to discuss the Space of Possibility in architecture and what we call the “Necessary New”. Come and join us, as it concerns us all!  The panel will begin at 6:30 pm.
In the meantime, we are excited to see how our construction site on the Pogusch, in the Austrian Alps, is coming to life and how the Steirereck restaurant is gradually beginning its operations in all the newly built structures successively. You can follow this project up at here and in 2022 you can expect to discover even more new surprises.
We at PPAG architects will be taking some time off from December 23, 2021, and will be back in our offices in Vienna and Berlin from January 10, 2022. Wishing you all a wonderful new year and many success!

Photo: © Marco van Oel

News from 09/12/2021

First concrete poured at the Allee der Kosmonauten!

On this Berlin site of almost 38,000 m2, on Allee der Kosmonauten, an integrated secondary school and a grammar school are being built under one roof - they jointly share the entrance, the multi-purpose area and library, the double sports hall and other open spaces.
For this school building, the Compartment Model was applied as part of the Berlin School Construction Offensive, which has long been an integral part of PPAG's work. In contrast to the previously common room structure, in which all classrooms lead off from a corridor, rooms are combined into functional units, the compartments. They offer space for differentiation and provide opportunities for individual or group work. The result is a sustainable school building that is not only a place for learning, but also a place for the entire school community to meet and exchange ideas. Around 1,600 students will learn together here from 2024.

Follow the progress on the construction site here, day by day!

Further information on the "Berliner Schulbauoffensive" (Berlin School Construction Campaign) can be found here.

News from 25/10/2021


Space influences us and we influence space. Within the infinite “space of possibility” of architecture, PPAG are constantly searching for relevance and social benefit, tracking down the “necessary new”. The result of this search is shown in the exhibition by means of a multitude of projects in the form of plans, models, films and 1:1 objects: projects that push boundaries and exhaust their realm, regardless of typology, scale, date of manufacture, price range or timeframe for realisation, in Ecuador, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Yakutsk, Vienna or Berlin.
Our exhibition at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin presents the spectrum of what is feasible (for PPAG) and thus becomes a possibility space itself. It is a plea for an unbiased, forward-looking view of architecture and urban planning, full of confidence in the collective human planning ability. Especially in view of the current global challenges, we need the courage to find alternative paths for a good future for all of us.

Location: Aedes Architecture Forum, Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin
Exhibition: 20 November 2021 – 13 January 2022
Opening: 19 November 2021, 6:30 pm (Registration here)

Read more here.

News from 20/10/2021

PPAG on air! “Up and down – How cities can grow sustainably”

What could the city of future look like? Urban centers are growing at a rapid pace worldwide. How can we manage growth in such a way that our cities remain livable and become even more attractive? Despite increasing density? With intelligent, sustainable growth upwards and downwards. With a controlled growth that uses the existing stock, converts it if necessary and expands it sensibly. The co-production by Arte and BR shows exemplary projects from all over the world as part of the ARD theme week "Stadt.Land.Wandel" and asks experts for possible solutions.
Our project "Tunisian Village - Radetzkystraße" can be seen in episode 2 from 04’44”.
Have fun viewing it and the numerous other contributions!

Broadcasts on BR television (in German):
Episode 1 on November 10th. 2021 at 10.45 p.m .: The house on the roof (S01 / E01)
Episode 2 on November 10th. 2021 at 11.30 p.m .: The village on the roof (S01 / E02)
Episode 3 on November 17th. 2021 at 10.45 p.m .: Above and Below – New Urban Spaces (S01 / E03)
Episode 4 on November 17th. 2021 at 11.30 p.m .: Building landscapes (S01 / E04)
... and from now on in the ARD and BR media libraries.

News from 12/10/2021

Postmodernism? Now! Panel discussion with Anna Popelka

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the building of the Austrian Embassy in Berlin, the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin and the Bundesstiftung Baukultur invite you to attend a panel discussion on November 4, 2021 on the subject of communicating building culture, the design of places of knowledge and the importance of postmodern architecture in times of climate change.

Barbara Feller, Architekturstiftung Österreich
Reiner Nagel, Bundesstiftung Baukultur
Anna Popelka, PPAG architects
Christoph Rauhut, Berliner Landesdenkmalamt

Moderation: Jürgen Tietz

On Thursday, November 4th, 2021, 7 pm, at the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin

The panel discussion will be recorded. After the event the recording will be available on the YouTube-Channel of the Austrian Embassy in Berlin.
Further information about the event here (in German only).

News from 10/09/2021

OPEN UP! is “On-Stage”

Our OPEN UP! building in Vienna's Sonnwendviertel is a so-called “Quartiershaus” meant to be a stimulus for a new social neighborhood, with a high-quality mix of uses and a flexible structure. It is in the focus of the next On-Stage lectures of ÜBERBAU on September 28th, at 5 pm.
Robert Temel will explain the new Sonnwendviertel neighborhood’s concept and Anna Popelka with Georg Poduschka will talk about the ideas behind their Janus-faced design, before all participants get a tour though the building.

More information here.

Photo: © Paul Sebesta

News from 01/09/2021

OPEN HOUSE WIEN at the Längenfeldgasse Primary and Vocational School

Open House Vienna invites everybody to personally experience architecture, to get a fresh look at architecture and design as such, and to feel the urban energy of Vienna.
On September 11th you also have the opportunity to visit our latest School building in Vienna between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.. Furthermore, at 11 a.m. Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka will personnaly guide you through the school!

More info about the tours here (in German only).

Photo: © Herta Hurnaus

Grundsteinlegung Allee der Kosmonauten
News from 25/08/2021

Laying of the foundation stone for two schools in Berlin

For around 1,600 students, the 2024/25 school year will begin at one of Berlin's first secondary compartment schools - and the first school by PPAG architects in Berlin. To this end, the cornerstone was laid today on Allee der Kosmonauten, in the Lichtenberg district, for an integrated secondary school (ISS) and a grammar school, a double sports hall and around 9,000 m2 of outdoor sports space.
In the spirit of joint learning, both schools will be housed in one building. The heart of the campus is the jointly used double sports hall with six hall sections. Directly below it on the first floor is the 900-square-meter piazza, which can be used by both schools as an event center, theater stage or multipurpose room. 
The topping-out ceremony is scheduled for the end of 2022.

f.l.t.r. Thomas Felgenhauer (HOWOGE), Ulrich Schiller (HOWOGE), Georg Poduschka (PPAG architects), Sebastian Scheel (Senator for Urban Development and Housing), Sandra Scheeres (Senator for Education, Youth and Family), Dr. Matthias Kollatz (Senator for Finance), Kevin Hönicke (District Councillor for Urban Development, Social Affairs & Economy and Labor in Lichtenberg), Michael Grunst (District Mayor Lichtenberg), Martin Schaefer (District Councillor of the Department of Schools, Sports, Public Order, Environment and Transport in Lichtenberg), Marian Punt

Photo: © Howoge_Lintner

News from 05/08/2021

Shelf prototypes, body heat and the quality of stay in a room

Our PCM shelf is part of the exhibition "die körper und der raum", which opened in the aut.architektur und tirol. It is dedicated to today's dimension of physicality in the production and reception of architecture.
The PCM shelf is a solution to the problem of overheating in densely used rooms such as schools, universities and offices and, together with the natural summer night ventilation, contributes to heat compensation: the aluminum panels filled with PCM (phase change material / latent heat storage) absorb the ambient heat. Choosing the right material determines the temperature at which the material changes from solid to liquid.

the body and the space. 114 contributions on sensual cognizance
Exhibition at the aut. architektur und tirol until 18.09.2021

News from 15/07/2021

PPAG architects’ latest school project at the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Austrian Embassy - and thus Hans Hollein's design of the building - the exhibition IM ALLTAG, DER RAUM examines Austrian positions in Berlin's architectural landscape. Built everyday worlds are portrayed and juxtaposed, from the rooms of the Austrian Cultural Forum out into the urban space of Berlin. The focus of photographic work and polyphonic audio contributions are the people who use the buildings and bring them to life: residents, users and planners describe personal views of architecture, thus showing a change of perspective and reflecting the everyday life in specific spaces. We are pleased that our school project in the Allee der Kosmonauten is represented with contributions from Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka and project leader Petra De Colle! You can listen to the audio feature here (in German).

At the gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin and via the app at 7 locations in Berlin

Concept and curation by POLIGONAL Büro für Stadtvermittlung
With photographs by Ivan Marković and Katharina Hauke.

Registration here.

News from 07/07/2021

“gebaut2020” award of the City of Vienna

We got the gebaut2020 award of the City of Vienna for our OPEN UP! building in Sonnwendviertel, a new neighborhood south of Vienna Main Station that includes a 7ha park area! Many thanks to the officials of the Architecture and Urban Design Department of the City for personally bringing the trophy to our office, and congrats to the project team, especially Christian Wegerer and Anna Zottl, for making our “Quartiershaus” what it is: a stimulus for a new social neighborhood, with a high-quality mix of uses.

The award-winning projects will be exhibited for one year on the premises of the Architecture and Urban Design Department of the City of Vienna (MA 19) and presented in the catalogue “gebaut 2020–2025”.

Photo: © Paul Sebesta

News from 16/06/2021

We have been selected as a Finalist in the A+Awards!

Our latest School building, the Längenfeldgasse Primary and Vocational School in Vienna has been selected as a Finalist in the Architizer A+Awards! This project is now one of only five remaining, competing for the Popular Choice Award in the PLUS > CONCEPTS > Architecture +Learning category.

Voting is now open, until June 25 at Midnight Pacific Time. And you can cast your ballots HERE.
All Finalists can be viewed at:

We are particularly proud as this year, the A+Awards received over 5,000 entries from 100+ countries, making it highly competitive. So let’s rock it and help us for the very last steps to the podium! Until June 25 at Midnight PT, vote, spread the word far and wish us luck in the Popular Choice competition!

More info about the project here.

Photo: © Herta Hurnaus

News from 10/06/2021

“Architecture and Education: Living, Learning, Space” at the Architekturtage | Architecture Days

The requirements for educational buildings have changed fundamentally in the last few decades. How can architecture best support learning and teaching? This year, the Architekturtage (“Architecture Days” taking place all around Austria) focus on the subject “Architecture and Education: Living, Learning, Space”.
The opening on June 11th starts with the live stream of „Architekturtage TV" from 4 to 11 pm, with short films, documentaries and interviews about schools from all around Austria. We are looking forward to the many inspiring architecture solutions that will be presented across Austria – this weekend and the coming year – on the subject of "Living, Learning, Space"!

Watch the Live-Stream of the Architekturtage here. (In German)
Watch the whole Architekturtage TV here. (In German with automatic subtitles)
Watch our video by Wolfgang Thaler and take a tour in our latest school building, the Primary and Vocational School Längenfeldgasse in Vienna.

Steirereck am Pogusch by PPAG architects
News from 21/05/2021

New dimensions of architecture and gastronomy at the Steirereck am Pogusch

This weekend, for the first time since months, we will be able to enjoy fine food and drink in nice company, as Austrian restaurants are reopening!
At the Steirereck am Pogusch (in Styria, Austria) you may also take delight in contemporary architecture paired with haute cuisine, thanks to the new project of the Reitbauer family. We are proud to be part of this adventure and will keep you updated about the many different buildings, facilities and details we designed for the site. Stay tuned!

Have a look at Birgit and Heinz Reitbauer with their bright team of Steirereck am Pogusch in the kitchen garden, our small glasshouse, here.

Moderne und zeitgenössisch Architektur in Wien
News from 14/05/2021

A weekend in Vienna with the AIT magazine

In its May issue, the AIT magazine for architecture takes us to Vienna for a weekend in order to discover its modern and contemporary architecture. PPAG architects are proud to read that our architecture for the Steirereck restaurant is an "iconic pavilion" and a must-see with its "iridescent façade"!
Illustration: Irmela Schautz

Check out the whole article (in German) here.

More info about the project here.

News from 09/05/2021

“Frauen Bauen Stadt” with Anna Popelka

In Vienna, only 8 percent of street names celebrate women and their contributions. However, in a new urban development area for 20.000 inhabitants, the Seestadt Aspern, all newly built streets and plazas put women in the spotlight, some of them architects, urbanists and designers – such as the Zaha Hadid Square, the Lina Bo Bardi Square, the Eileen Grey Lane, or the Jane Jacobs Bridge. This is why Katja Schechtner and Wojciech Czaja chose these streets to show the first instance of their outdoor exhibition about global urbanistas:

The show is featuring 18 positions from around the world with portraits and projects of female architects, urban designers and urban planners from Austria, France, Ireland, Pakistan, Iran, Brazil, Australia, and many more.

The exhibition is open from May 10th – December 31th, 2021 in Vienna’s Seestadt Aspern, at the Wangari Maathai Square.

News from 16/04/2021

New publication on 21st century kindergartens and school buildings

Growing up with architecture: The book "Dječji vrtići i škole u 21. stoljeću", edited by Borka Bobovec, Davor Mateković and Goran Rako, with a foreword by Maroje Mrduljaš, presents stimulating environments for conducting education, all built after 2000. PPAG architects’ Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel is featured too: It is presented as belonging to the typology of city/village...and thats exactly what we  had in mind when building this municipal education facility for 0 to 14-year-olds: a City of Children. “Structure and form are what the architects create from the program brief and the identity of the place through their imagination and creation.”(p.229)

More about the book on the publisher’s website (Croatian only)

More about the project on our website.

News from 09/04/2021

“When, if not now!”

On March 5, 2021 Anna Popelka gave the keynote lecture of the architecture festival TURN ON:

“We know a lot about what would be good for everyone.Where we want to develop.It just doesn't flow into our everyday reality yet.We do not implement the conceivable possible.We do not implement what we can already imagine.The built environment is a poor copy of the possible.Architecture and architects can do much more than is required of them. "

You can read the entire lecture here (in German only).


News from 26/03/2021

TEC21 writes about PPAG architects‘ elastic apartment

The need for room configurations able to take our diversified life models into account isn’t anything new. But the corona crisis intensifies it and makes it even more evident. The current edition of the Swiss construction newspaper TEC21 shows examples of projected and implemented buildings that make working from home more viable and interesting - our "elastic apartment" even inspired the topic of the entire magazine.

The article has been published online as well here (in German only)

More about the initial project on our website.

News from 23/02/2021

Anna Popelka will be holding the keynote speach at the TURN ON architecture festival

Every spring, the festival TURN ON focuses on new and innovative aspects of architecture. In the the lectures, fundamental questions of the architectural field are aimed to be paired with a "building culture". But how can this mindset emerge?  What kind of factors are needed in order to bring construction to the highest level?

On 05.03.2021 Anna Popelka will hold the keynote lecture "Wann, wenn nicht jetzt!" (If Not Now, When?) at 11:15 in the ORF RadioKulturhaus in Vienna.

All lectures will be livestreamed on a link placed soon here.  
News from 23/02/2021

Anna Popelka hält den Festvortrag bei TURN ON 2021

Beim Architekturfestival TURN ON stehen neue und innovative Aspekte des Bauens im Mittelpunkt der Vorträge. Grundsätzliche architektonische Themen sollen mit dem Anspruch auf „Baukultur” überdacht werden. Doch wie kann Letztere entstehen? Welche Umstände ermöglichen es, dass sich das Bauen auf höchstem Niveau entwickelt? Am 5. März 2021 hält Anna Popelka um 11h15 mit „Wann, wenn nicht jetzt!” den Festvortrag im Großen Sendesaal des ORF RadioKulturhaus in Wien. Alle Vorträge werden per Livestream übertragen. Der Link dazu wird hier platziert sein. Keine Anmeldung nötig, freier Zugang.
News from 13/02/2021

STAYING HOME, BUT HOW? traveling exhibition from Vienna to Isfahan

On February 18th between 17:00 and 19:30:  opening of the exhibtion STAYING HOME, BUT HOW?  at (and in front of) philomena+ project room, Heinestrasse 40 in Vienna's 2nd district!
The show addresses the question of what or rather how we can learn from the COVID-19 crisis, especially in terms of architecture. A glance at architectural history shows that epidemics, crises and catastrophes have had an impact on urban planning and architecture time and time again. Is this to be expected from the COVID-19 pandemic as well?
We are happy to share our views on contemporary housing with other colleagues from Austria and Iran, both in the exhibition and in the catalogue!

with: CAUD طراحان کالبدی معاصر, Challenge Studio استودیو چلن, Daneshgar architects, einszueins architecture, Logical Process Office فرایند منطقی, Metamorphosis Method شیوه دگردیس, PPAG architects, querkraft architects and Behruz Heshmat
curated by: Negar Hakim and MaanMemar (Elham Geramizadeh & Ehsaan Hosseini)

DATES: 19/02 – 05/03/2021 Opening: Thursday, 18/02, 5-7:30pm

Check for more details.    
News from 27/01/2021

Vote for our Secondary School Sauland!

Last year the secondary school was "Building Of the Week" on the online platform austria architects. It presented 48 Buildings of the Week in 2020, featuring short Q&As with architects about recently completed buildings.
Now it's your turn to crown a Building of the Year by voting for your favorite. If you like the schools we make, have a look at the small secondary school in the Norwegian village of Sauland we designed together with Helen & Hard.
Austrian-international school construction expertise and Scandinavian timber construction expertise were the subject of a successful fusion: free learning and project-oriented teaching are in the foreground!

You can vote here until January 31st:

Check out last year´s article here (in German only)

More info about the project here.

 Photo: © Wolfgang Thaler

News from 25/01/2021

PPAG-exhibition at Aedes in Berlin


We will be inaugurating our exhibition Keine halben Sachen [=No Half Measures] Making Space for Possibilities on 19.11.2021 instead of 28.05.2021 at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin. Save the date!

News from 18/01/2021

Mies van der Rohe Award 2022

We are very pleased to announce that PPAG architects has been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Awards 2022, for our School Building in Längenfeldgasse, Vienna. A further prototype for modern pedagogy, an abstract, vertical city of children in the city.

The official European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture is granted every two years to acknowledge and reward quality architectural production in Europe.


Photo: © Herta Hurnaus

News from 18/12/2020

What a year!

At PPAG we believe that every crisis gives us the chance to rise to the challenge. In 2020 we were given enough opportunities to put this theory to the test. For us one thing is certain: what now remains is a positive review of what the PPAG team has put together this year!

With the Quartiershaus OPEN UP! apartment building in the Sonnwendviertel and the extension for the Längenfeldgasse Elementary and Vocational School, we have successfully completed two projects in Vienna. We have handed over another residential building in Lützowstraße in Berlin and also moved into our new office there: starting 2020, PPAG also has a Berlin address with two great colleagues on site! The numerous construction projects that we started over the past months remain a source of daily excitement: in Vienna, a residential building with social units on the eastern area of ​​the Otto Wagner Hospital, in beautiful Styria we have the opportunity to rethink and develop the Wirtshaus am Pogusch for the Steirereck restaurant. We are busy building three residential buildings in Berlin Mitte between Caroline-Michaelis-Straße and Schwartzkopffstraße, as well as preparing for the construction start of the new Integrated Secondary School and Grammar School on Allee der Kosmonauten in Berlin and theAnd with the German School Stiehle in Cuenca in the Ecuadorian Andes. Wherever you spend the winter solstice: We wish you a Merry Christmas and a brilliant New Year, hopefully a little less challenging than the present one! In any case, we look forward to developing new concepts and visions together in 2021!

Stay updated, more details about our new projects to be published in early January 2021!
News from 20/08/2020

“A school building can also consist of apartments in the open air”

Ernst Spycher writes in the Neue Züricher Zeitung about the model of the Viennese all-day school using the example of the educational campus in the Sonnwendviertel. Completed in 2014, we have been developing our experiences from one project to another since then. Despite increasing experience, we always explore the unknown. The pandemic is now one of those unknowns. The article can be read here.
News from 22/06/2020

Secondary School Sauland on DETAIL online

Norway's schools are open again after the lockdown due to the pandemic. With its architectural concept, the secondary school in Sauland enables free, open learning in small groups - the pedagogical concept of the present and the future, which shows its advantages even in times of a pandemic.

Read more about the project:

Article on DETAIL online (in German only)
More about the project on our website
News from 22/05/2020

We are gradually returning from home office!

The measures to prevent the spread of the virus are already showing an effect. In order to continue to ensure the protection of our team and society. Our office is now staffed rotationally, our premises are adapted to the recommended safety distances and hygiene rules. We continue to limit personal contacts to what is absolutely necessary. Our entire team can be reached as usual within normal office hours via email or video conference. We do our best to minimize the impact in our common interest.

We hope that the gradual return will bring normality back to our everyday work. Health remains the top priority, so we wish you and your families all the best!
News from 15/05/2020

Secondary School Sauland: Building Of the Week

The secondary school is "Building Of the Week" on the online platform austria architects.
Check it out here (in the German language only)
More Info about the Project here.
News from 24/04/2020

The Süddeutsche Zeitung about the elastic apartment

For today's edition of the SZ Laura Weissmüller writes about living in a lockdown, thererfore our concept of the elastic apartment should not be missing. The article has been published online as well: here. (in German only)
News from 21/04/2020

Competitionline Ranking 2019/2020

PPAG ranks 24th in the ARCHITECT category of 30,000 architecture firms in Germany.
The competitionline ranking is the only architect ranking in German-speaking countries that is based exclusively on competition results.
Once a year, the competitionline editorial team evaluates all competition results from Germany and abroad published on (as of 2018: more than 2000 results) and uses this to create the ranking of the most successful offices in the competition.

News from 16/03/2020

PPAG Stays At Home

Due to the current risk situation, we have now changed to home office. Team members will only be in the office if necessary. However, we do our best to continue our work unchanged as far as possible. We can all be reached via our e-mail addresses and by telephone using our extension numbers. We would also be happy to organize video conferences. We are looking forward to normalization soon - until then we wish everyone all the best!
News from 05/03/2020

Topping Out Ceremony at our project OPEN UP!

The shell of the ‘Quartiershaus’ has been completed - PPAG celebrated at the topping-out ceremony!
The project called OPEN UP! implements the concept of a new Viennese apartment building. The new Vienna Zinshaus is a flexible, hybrid, de-specialized building. Within the skeleton construction, the premises can be changed with the needs and demands of today’s and future residents or users and offer a high degree of flexibility and sustainable use.

More about the project here.

News from 09/01/2020

New Schools

The education campus in Vienna's Sonnwndviertel serves once again as a rolemodel for a a contemporary concept of schools. The article on discusses the importance of architecture in connection with contemporary pedagogy!

You will find the article here. (in German only)
News from 07/01/2020

Jan. 14: Georg Poduschka As Speaker

at the seminar series "Qualitätsoffensive für das Berliner Schulbau-Programm 2.0"

Seminar: "Neubau von Schulen: Lern und Teamhäuserkonzept - bisherige Wettbewerbe"
In the seminar the participants are taught the effects and requirements of the paradigm shift in Berlin's school building. The results of completed school building competitions in Berlin serve this purpose. The participants understand the educational goals and the new concept in order to be able to adequately prepare for the new construction projects.

Architektenkammer Berlin, Alte Jakobstraße 149, 10969 Berlin Jan 14, 2020, 11:00 - 15:15 Registration required!

More Information and to the registration here.
News from 19/12/2019

PPAG wishes Happy Holidays!

PPAG is on vacation from December 20, 2019 to January 6, 2020 We will be back on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020!

We wish everyone happy and relaxing holidays as well as health, confidence and all the best for the new year!  

News from 26/11/2019

Ö1 Morgen-Journal: Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka about the Hans-Hollein-Artprize for Architecture

„… I always wonder when it crashes - so when it finally comes to the point that people finally say: 'This is no longer ours, we are not all as equal as this housing‘.“

Quote by Anna Popelka to be heard on Ö1 Radio.

Broadcast date: Tue, Nov. 26th 2019 at 7:28am (Ö1 Morgen-Journal)

Listen to the interview for 7 days after broadcast date at ö

We are also very happy about the commemorative publication by the Bundeskanzleramt which you can see at the photo! Thank you very much to Christian Kühn for the essay.

News from 25/11/2019

Lecture Nov. 28, 2019 – “Bau & Betrieb von Bildungseinrichtungen”

Georg Poduschka and Anna Popelka at the imh Conference

What does the educational building of tomorrow have to offer? Which room offers should a modern school building offer? The first imh conference "Construction & Operation of Educational Institutions" deals exactly with these questions. Education in Austria faces great challenges. Especially in the metropolitan areas (Vienna, Graz & Linz), the number of students is increasing continuously - that is why new school buildings including school extensions and renovations are currently among the biggest challenges in public administration. Innovative school building concepts and good practice examples underline the tightly packed conference program and provide insight into current educational buildings. (excerpt notice of imh)

Hilton Garden Inn Vienna South, Wien
Nov 28, 09:05

Lecture PPAG (in German): > Bildungsräume: Alle ähnlich aber doch nicht gleich!
> Clusterkonzepte (Projektraum, Teamraum, Marktplatz)
> Neue Schultische, graphisch künstlerische Ausgestaltung, Theaterstiege, neues Fluchtwegekonzept, performativer Freiraum – Was das neue Lernen bieten muss

You'll find more information about the program here. (in German only)
News from 21/11/2019

School at Längenfeldgasse – Façade in Progress

All walls are finished. The drywall of the extension building for the Primary School and Vocational School of the City of Vienna at Längenfeldgasse has been completed. The façade is being worked on - the light blue wind and waterproof film is already almost completely installed. The construction workers also started to install the perforated sheeting which is supposed to be the very front of the façade.

The school building at Längenfeldgasse opens up with a roof covered forecourt to the public of the streets. Together with the existing vocational school campus, the primary school and the ceremonial hall the extension building will strengthen the neighbourhood center. Designed as a differentiated structure, it starts as a compact plate in the first two storeys. In the upper storeys it then dissolves to a highly structured bar. Due to the height of the existing buildings, the new building incorporates the system. The result is a complete ensemble.

You will find more Information about the project here.

News from 18/11/2019

Biotope City – IBA vor ORT

The neighborhood center Open Up! - a project by PPAG - is one of the candidate projects of the IBA Vienna 2022. The event series IBA vor Ort will take place in the Biotope City next week. On Tuesday, November 26th, the exhibition with IBA candidates from Vienna's south will be opened at 5 pm. The variety of projects submitted ranges from new urban development areas, through projects in the existing city to post-war settlements, from community building to experimental and ecological building.

Exhibition at the Wienerberg shopping mall  Nov 26th - Dec 1st 2019

Additional program: Nov 26th / 28th / 3-6 pm

You'll find the whole program here on the IBA-Website. (in German only)

You'll find more about the project Open Up! here on the PPAG-Website.

News from 15/10/2019

Anna Popelka at “Architects, not Architecture” in Berlin

Together with Reiluf Ramstad and Amandus Samsøe Sattler, Anna Popelka is on stage at the ATZE Theater to talk about her as an architect. Who are the architects? What has shaped them on their way and why are they where they are today? These are just a few questions that will be answered at the event.

November 13th 2019
Start - 19 Uhr

More infos about the event. (in German only)

Credits von den Portraits:
Reiulf Ramstad: Reiulf Ramstad Architects
Anna Popelka: Anna Sophia Rußmann
Amandus Samsøe Sattler: Myrzik & Jarisch

News from 01/10/2019

3. Okt, 2019 –  “Erfolgreiche Erneuerung des Schulgebäudes” in Bratislava

Der Slowakische Rat für umweltfreundliches Bauen (SKGBC) und die Slowakische Agentur für Innovation und Energie (SIEA) veranstalten ein Fachseminar "Erfolgreiche Erneuerung des Schulgebäudes", das am 3. Oktober 2019 im Rahmen des internationalen Projekts INCI NZEB & EMMA in Bratislava stattfinden wird .

Ziel der Veranstaltung ist es, Empfehlungen zu präsentieren, die sich aus der Untersuchung eines Modells der Tiefensanierung des Schulgebäudes ergeben, inspirierende Beispiele aus der Praxis zu liefern und einen Überblick über die aktuellen Anforderungen und Möglichkeiten der Förderung und Finanzierung einer nachhaltigen Gebäudesanierung in Berlin zu geben. PPAG wird von Jakub Dvorák vertreten, der über inspirierende Beispiele sozialer Schulen aus Österreich und Deutschland spricht. „Neue Schulgebäude werden für Jahrzehnte Stadt, Gesellschaft und Pädagogik prägen. Die Entwicklung dieser Räumlichkeiten ist eine Chance für eine Zukunft, die nicht zu übersehen ist. "

Sprache: Slowakisch Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung ist kostenlos.

Devin Hotel, Bratislava Gästebewertungen 9 - 12 Uhr

Schauen Sie sich hierzu auch unser Projekt "Von der neuen Schule" an: Dazu klicken Sie hier.

Schauen Sie sich hier auch unser Projekt in Sauland, Norwegen an.
Die Sekundarschule in Sauland war eine Zusammenarbeit mit Helen & Hard. Sie ist seit Januar dieses Jahres geöffnet.
News from 01/10/2019

Competition Success – 1st Prize: German School Stiehle Cuenca Ecuador

As a result of winning an invited competition in Ecuador this summer, PPAG recently started the project planning of a German School in Cuenca.

In the middel of the southern Ecuadorian Andes right away from the city Cuenca - UNESCO World Cultural Capital - PPAG are building the German School Stiehle.

A Children's World -  Parents don´t come inside, queridos!
What does a school in the 21st century look like at the transition to the knowledge society? In a rural area in Ecuador. At 2600m altitude. On a slope with 56m gradient. Climate-friendly ... We take the topography and work with it: The space is left as good as possible in its sensation, the slope of the property is understood as an opportunity for the formulation of an exciting sequence of rooms, terraces and views. Each room has the best view of the valley, to Cuenca, while enjoying direct access to the open space. The school of the 21st century is open and unique at the same time. We do not know today how we will learn tomorrow, everything imaginable should be possible. We want to build regionally reasonable, but with international standards. High tech and low tech, new and old at the same time. The entire system is unhierarchical, a democratic space that represents equal opportunities for every child. The relational space refers to the life in the spaces, to the use, to the effects that result from overlapping usage: the shortcuts are also used by everybody - as well children as educators. What arises is real life communication! The identity of the school, the strength of the appearance, comes from the charisma of this commonality.

Click here for more about the project.

News from 24/09/2019

Hans-Hollein-Art Prize of the Austrian Federal Chancellery

We are happy to announce that we won this year's Hans-Hollein-Art Prize for Architecture. The Hans Hollein Art Prize has been awarded annually since 2016 in recognition of Hans Hollein for a comprehensive, internationally recognized work.

„This year's winners point to the broad spectrum of Austrian art: an art that also attracts international attention and is often groundbreaking. It is the task of the federal government to promote these innovative tendencies. Because art from Austria makes a valuable contribution to the international discourse and underlines a key element of contemporary art: to keep a mirror in society and to stimulate reflection ", federal minister Alexander Schallenberg

Award ceremony and Commemorative Publication The Hans Hollein Art Prize for Architecture and the Austrian Art Awards will be awarded jointly on Monday, November 25, 2019 in the congress Hall of the Federal Chancellery on Ballhausplatz. Also planned is a commemorative publication by the Federal Chancellery accompanying the award ceremony. It contains biographies and lists of works of all prize winners as well as short essays by different authors. Thank you very much to Christian Kühn, who wrote this article for PPAG

News from 09/09/2019

Book by nextroom: 33 Interviews On Architecture

The interview series 'nextroom asks' has published a publication and PPAG is represented with an interview by Anna Popelka. Many thanks to the author Martina Pfeifer Steiner for the interesting conversation and thank you to the photographer Lukas Hämmerle!

'Five questions form the clear structure of this compendium, the diverse answers provide insight into today's conditions for architecture and the everyday struggle for the best solutions, whether from the point of view of young or established, large or small offices. Beauty, quality of life, urban planning or village development - the architects know, that's clear, their responsibility for the Baukultur. ' (Extract blurb) Publisher: nextroom / Publishing House: Müry Salzmann Verlag -  Book presentations are planned for autumn, in Salzburg, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Graz, Innsbruck and Dornbirn.

More about the book can be found here.
You can order the book here.
You can find more about the author here.

Nextroom fragt 0 Nextroom fragt 1

News from 04/09/2019

The ‘Elastic Apartment’ as one of the ‘futures’ at Futurium Berlin

Futurium is a House of Futures. Here, everything revolves around the question: how do we want to live? The Futurium will be opening on Thursday 5 September. One of the main exhibitions is about our citys future and our future way of living. Our project Wiesenschlag - Elastic Quarter is represented there as a forward-looking living concept whose floor plans can be changed according to need and living conditions.

The Elastic Apartment was developed for Degewo real estate management as a housing project with 200 units for a specific site in Berlin. Not only the apartment itself is elastic regarding to occupancy and use, but also the resulting urban design. A live sized model of the Elastic Apartment was center of our exhibition Do You Really want to Live like Your Mother? at Architekturgalerie Aedes in Berlin in 2017. This exhibition is a plea for progress in architecture, housing and urban design. Our way of living has nothing to do with our genes, it is rather acquired behaviour that has been passed on over generations, and any further development is prevented by the durability of the houses in which we live.

We are very looking forward to be part of Futurium's opening exhibition. The opening ceremony is starting on September 5th at 7pm.

More about the opening here.
More about the project Weisenschlag here.
More about the exhibituion at Aedes here.

News from 27/08/2019

Topping Out Ceremony in Längenfeldgasse

The shell of the extension for a Primary School and a Vocational School of the City of Vienna has been completed. The entire PPAG team celebrated at the topping-out ceremony. We enjoyed the wide view over the city and are looking forward to seeing the students enjoying the beautiful view.

More information about the project can be found here.

The project Volksschule Längenfeldgasse deals with the topic of climate and school at various levels: from energy generation through bored piles, a radical form of ventilation in the classrooms, the special use of phase change materials in furnishing, right through to thespatial-atmospheric interpretation of the term.


News from 20/08/2019

PPAG at SCHULBAU Berlin 2019

From September 11th to September 12th 2019, the the second SCHULBAU Salon & Fair in Berlin will take place in the Loewe Saal. The reason for this is the city’s enormous investment volume of more than 5.5 billion euros, which has been flowing into all areas of school construction since 2018. At least 49 new schools are planned, and schools are being renovated or expanded at many locations. PPAG is currently part of this investment with the project Allee der Kosmonauten.

We are very much looking forward to attending one of the podium discussions at SCHULBAU Berlin 2019 – PPAG is represented by Christian Wegerer.

11:30 am - Gute Schule schnell gebaut?!
Moderation: Anneke von Holst
On the podium:
Christine Edmaier, dr. Hermann Budde, Stefanie Remlinger, Martin Gessert, Christian Wegerer

To the current fair program (Available in German only)
To the project Allee der Kosmonauten

News from 20/08/2019

PPAG bei der SCHULBAU Berlin 2019

From September 11th to September 12th 2019, the the second SCHULBAU Salon & Fair in Berlin will take place in the Loewe Saal. The reason for this is the city’s enormous investment volume of more than 5.5 billion euros, which has been flowing into all areas of school construction since 2018. At least 49 new schools are planned, and schools are being renovated or expanded at many locations. PPAG is currently part of this investment with the project Allee der Kosmonauten. We are very much looking forward to attending one of the podium discussions at SCHULBAU Berlin 2019 – PPAG is represented by Christian Wegerer.   12:30 pm Gute Schule schnell gebaut?! Moderation: Anneke von Holst   On the podium: Christine Edmaier, dr. Hermann Budde, Stefanie Remlinger, Martin Gessert, Christian Wegerer   To the current fair program To the project Allee der Kosmonauten P1140261  
News from 16/07/2019

Staatspreis Design Austria 2019 – Second Round for PCM Shelf by PPAG

At the Staatspreis Design Austria 2019 competition we made it through to the second round with our PCM shelf. The Jury deliberated at the designforum, and unfortunately the second round was the last stop for us. However, we are looking forward to the announcement of the winners: which will be at the awards ceremony on September 25th at the Museums Quartier Vienna. Ahead of the announcement PPAG extends congratulations and all the best for the winners!

We now take the opportunity to draw attention to our PCM shelf:

The basic problem of overheated interior in densely used spaces, such as schools, universities and offices is due to high numbers of computers. To solve that urgent issue PPAG has developed a shelf made of aluminum panels, which helps with heat compensation, as well as general summer night ventilation. Its individual panels are filled entirely with PCM (Phase Change Material).

The filling materials (mostly paraffin) possess extremely high heat absorption capacity when in an aggregate phase change. By selecting the right material, you can determine at which temperature the material transforms from a solid into a liquid state – while absorbing ambient heat. If temperatures rise above 24°C for example, the wax within the panel liquefies. Each panel possesses a heat capacity of 80 watt hours. The shelf is able to absorb heat and release it again during the night to the outside – at a temperature of, say, 20°C – via summer night ventilation.

Having sufficient storage space in the right places is a prerequisite for a successful everyday life at school. Today children study independently for most of the time. They fetch their learning aids from the shelf themselves. What is needed are shelf spaces that children can easily reach on their own. Creating lots of storage space involves using the exterior facing walls as well. This however obviously contradicts with the demand for daylight.

Especially in schools, the properties of the shelf present useful advantages. The energy related performance of an educational facility differs principally from that of other uses. When many children are present, they act as small-scale natural stoves. This effect is so enormous that when outside temperatures drop to minus 5°C degrees, children produce more heat in an unheated classroom than is lost via the external building elements (through transmission). 80 watts correspond to the heat capacity of one child. The shelf with its 100 panels, shown in the exhibition, can therefore buffer one hundred “children’s heat hours” in total. Temperature and air conditions are vital for the quality of learning and environmental comfort at school. In this regard, the shelf delivers playful solutions to climate and utilization-related problems.

The decisive reason for designing the PCM shelf was the construction of the Berufsschule Längenfeldgasse. Due to the large number of computers  in the classroom, the basic problem of overheating is enormous. As a solution we developed the PCM shelf, which is able to absorb heat and release it again to the outside overnight via summer night ventilation.

Click here for more information.
The shelf was first in use at our exhibition "Of the New School" at the Architektur Galerie Berlin last year. Click here for more infromation.

News from 05/07/2019

Architizer A+Awards – Special Mention

PPAG has received a Special Mention in the 7th Annual Architizer A+Awards for the project "Do You really Want to Live like Your Mother?" in the category Concepts-Plus-Architecture+Living Small. We are truly honored to be included!

The exhibition Do you really want to live like your mother took place from December 2017 to January 2018 at Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin. It is a plea for progress in architecture, housing and urban design. Our way of living has nothing to do with our genes, it is rather acquired behavior that has been passed on over generations, and any further development is prevented by the durability of the buildings in which we live.

 Click here for more information about the project.

The Architizer A+Awards is the largest awards program focused on promoting and celebrating the year’s best architecture and products. Its mission is to nurture the appreciation of meaningful design in the world and champion its potential for a positive impact on everyday life.

 Click here for more information about the Archtizer A+Awards.


News from 03/07/2019

GROUP EXHIBITION: AEDES ARCHITECTURE FORUM, BERLIN FUTURE SCHOOL BUILDINGS – European examples of contemporary school architecture 06/25 – 08/08 2019

The exhibition presents 12 contemporary school buildings in Europe that are exemplary for the implementation of current educational and urban planning models. PPAG architects is representedwith the education campus Sonnwendviertel.

Click here for more information abput the exhibition.
Click here for more information about weducational campus Sonnwendviertel.

P1140079 web
News from 10/05/2019

Start of Construction – Quartiershaus ‘OPEN UP!’

The construction of the Quartiershaus 'OPEN UP! in the new area 'Helmut-Zilk-Park' of Vienna's 10th district has begun. PPAG is looking forward to an exciting construction phase! Quartiershaus_Modell_1 Quartiershaus_Modell_2
News from 09/05/2019

Exhibition Berliner Schulbauoffensive of the HOWOGE

From May 20 to June 4 an exhibition of HOWOGE will take place in Berlin.On display are projects by the HOWOGE Housing Association as part of the »Berliner Schulabauoffensive« (competition, new construction, renovation) and the first results of the competition »School Building Project - Allee der Kosmonauten«.As part of the framework program on May 23, Felix Zankel (architect at PPAG) will talk about PPAG's competition entry.

When?  May 20, 2019 - June 4, open daily from 12 pm - 6 pm

Lecture Evening: May 23, 17h

Where? Kreativwerkstatt Wohnungsmacherei, Anton-Saefkow-Platz, Berlin


Click here for the online exhibition of all competition entries on the website of HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH.

Find out more about the Alle der Kosmonauten on the HOWOGE website.

More information about the procedure can be found here.


Click here for the project description on the PPAG website.  
News from 02/05/2019

Intermezzo – Interview on Ö1 Radio

Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka in conversation with Anna Soucek, to be heard on Ö1 Radio.

Broadcast date: Sunday, May 05th  2019, 11:50 am

Find more information about the interview here.
Listen to the interview for 7 days after broadcast date at the ö1 website.

News from 26/04/2019

Bavarian Housing Project Day 2019

Serial, modular and prefabricated - the new formula for affordable housing?
On June 4, 2019, the Bavarian Chamber of Architects and the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing Construction and Transport are organizing their tenth Housing Project Day. It deals with the opportunities of modular serial construction methods for sustainable housing, which meets the diverse lifestyles of its residents with high architectural standards.  Anna Popelka will give a lecture on housing projects of PPAG, as well as their wealth of experience on the subject of housing.

More information about the event can be found here.
The program can be found here.
News from 16/04/2019

Ein Stück Stadt bauen. Leben am Helmut Zilk-Park, Vienna

The book shows the development history of the new district in Vienna-Favoriten. PPAG is represented with the projects 'OPEN UP! Das Neue Wiener Zinshaus' and the Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel. A double-sided interview with Anna Popelka gives insights into the projects and the area.
Publisher: Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Magistratsabteilung 21A und ÖBB-Immobilienmanagement Gmbh
Author: Robert Temel

You find more information about the Bildungscampus-Sonnwendviertel here.


News from 12/04/2019

Architekturtage 2019

Zu Gast bei... PPAG architects: Volks- und Berufsschule Längenfeldgasse

Guided Tour of the Building Site

Fr, 24.05.2019
15:00 – 18:00 Uhr

Längenfeldgasse 17 / 1120 Wien

The project Volksschule Längenfeldgasse deals with the topic of climate and school at various levels: from energy generation through bored piles, a radical form of ventilation in the classrooms, the special use of phase change materials in furnishing, right through to thespatial-atmospheric interpretation of the term.

The tour shows this innovative large-scale project under construction and lets the spatial impression of the educational landscapes be seen in their raw state.

Find more information about the tour here.
Find more information About the Project here.

News from 15/03/2019

Lecture Evening in Berlin: “Bauen macht Schule”

On April 4 2019 the  Architekturpreis Berlin e. V.  is having a lecture evening called "Bauen macht Schule - die Schulbauoffensive des Berliner Senats“. Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka are going to talk about the project "Allee der Kosmonauten" as well as their experiences in school architecture.

More information about the lecture evening here.

Information about "Allee der Kosmonauten" here. 

PPAG architects

News from 07/03/2019

Competition Success in Berlin: 1st Price

“With the design of the office, PPAG architects, can a new method of school planning arise. The diverse uses of a school are innovatively combined in a compact building while at the same time allowing the students to identify with their respective discipline. The school building forms into the existing landscape as well as configuring the surroundings. I am sure that this design will set the benchmark for further school planning." (Katrin Lompscher, Senator for Urban Development and Residential Planning)

Find more information about the project Find more information about the project here.
Read more about the competitionRead more about the competition here.
For even More Information click For even More Information clickhere.

News from 07/03/2019

Secondary School Sauland completed

Opening: 29th January 2019

With the project Secondary School in Sauland in the Norwegian Telemark the conversion of a new typology in the educational building succeeded. It shows the results of our numerous, spatial and pedagogical studies. The project was developed in cooperation with our Norwegian partners Helen & Hard.

Find more information about the project here.
News from 12/02/2019

Grožnjan Summer School of Architecture

PPAG is a special guest at the Grožnjan Summer School of Architecture – THE TIME CAPSULE 2019

August 1st to 10th 2019
 JMC Cultural Centre in Grožnjan, Istria – Croatia.

Find more info here

News from 04/02/2019

Jury: Best Architects Award 2020

Anna Popelka from PPAG architects will be part of the jury of this year's internationally renowned "BEST ARCHITECTS AWARD"!

Registration and dates here.

News from 10/01/2019

Schulbaumesse 2019 in Dresden

On 27.03. Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka will give a lecture about the Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel in Vienna at the Schulbaumesse Dresden.

Find the complete programme here!

News from 10/01/2019

„I’ve learned we shouldn’t talk when we’re hungry”

On 23.01.2019 at 17.30 there will be a tour of the current exhibition of the AzW "Downtown Denise Scott Brown", guided by Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka from PPAG.

Find more informations here


News from 12/12/2018

Competition success in Berlin

PPAG succeeds in both big EU-wide school - competitions and reaches the front places. 3. Place  >>  8 cluster type modular primary school and sports hall Berlin Recognition prize  >>  6 cluster type modular primary school and sports hall Berlin Planning Team: Architects: PPAG architects, Vienna Landscape Architects: EGKK Landschaftsarchitektur, Vienna Structural Engineers: Werkraum Ingenieure ZT GmbH, Vienna Technical Engineers: Bauklimatik GmbH, Vienna PPAG_WB_BER3_Koppelweg_web PPAG_WB_BER4_Naumburgerring_web PPAG_WB_BER3_Modell_web PPAG_WB_BER4_Modell_web
News from 04/12/2018

Club Architektur #4: Gründerzeit – Seele Wiens oder alter Krempel?

"Talk Show" am Mittwoch, 05.12.2018 um 19.00 im Architekturzentrum Wien. "Warum bauen Architekten nicht wieder wie in der Gründerzeit?" hört man immer wieder. Oft gefolgt von: "Und warum wohnen sie in den Gründerzeitwohnungen und nicht in den von ihnen geplanten?" Aber was meinen wir, wenn wir von Gründerzeit reden? Geht es um die Flexibilität der Grundrisse, die äußere Gestalt als Stadtbaustein, oder um ein Mindestmaß an Fassadenornament? Oder zeigt sich hier die wienerische Sehnsucht nach Gewohntem und die Scheu vor dem Neuen? Muss die gesamte Gründerzeit als Kulturgut unter einen Glassturz gestellt werden oder soll nur das wirklich Gute erhalten werden? Oft wird vergessen, dass viele Gründerzeitbauten in Serie hergestellte Spekulationsobjekte waren. Der heutige Boulevard-Jargon hätte sie im 19. Jahrhundert vermutlich als "Steinmonster" verteufelt, die das beschauliche Biedermeier-Wien zerstörten. Oft überlegt, ohne Bad in der Wohnung, waren sie jahrzehntelang keineswegs eine so begehrte Wohnanlage wie heute. Also: Wieviel Gründerzeitsubstanz braucht die Seele Wiens, wieviel Neues verträgt sie?" Gesprächsrunde mit: Arik Brauer, Künstler, Wien Helga Fassbinder, Politikwissenschaftlerin/Stadtplanerin, Amsterdam/Wien Andreas Nierhaus, Kunsthistoriker, Kurator Wien Museum Anna Popelka, Architektin, PPAG architects, Wien   Moderation: Maik Novotny, Architekturjournalist   club architektur
News from 19/11/2018

Enzis in DOHA

We are proud to announce that some of our Enzis moved to Doha, Katar and are now placed in the parc of the MIA - Museum of Islamic Art. Doha  
News from 29/10/2018


Watch our beautiful trailer for our upcoming exhibition "Of the New School" at the Architektur Galerie Berlintaking place from November 2nd to December 15th 2018.   WATCH THE TRAILER!  
News from 23/10/2018


During the GROHE DIALOGE "trends, theses, typologies" on 8 November 2018 in the Twin Towers in Vienna, Anna Popelka will be in a talk with Christoph Stadlhuber, Regina Freimüller-Söllinger and Gerhard Wittfeld about important issues concerning the development of our cities. Find more information about the event here.
News from 23/10/2018


Im Rahmen der GROHE DIALOGE "trends, thesen, typologien" am 8. November 2018 in den Twin Towers in Wien wird Anna Popelka gemeinsam mit Christoph Stadlhuber, Regina Freimüller-Söllinger und Gerhard Wittfeld über drängende, für die Entwicklung unserer Städte wichtigen Fragen diskutieren und referieren. mehr Informationen zur Veranstaltung unter diesem Link.
News from 23/10/2018

“All newly built schools are all-day schools”

Interview with Georg Poduschka for on the challenges of building schools in combination with modern pedagogy. LINK TO THE INTERVIEW.
News from 24/09/2018


News from 22/09/2018

Nominierung Staatspreis Architektur

Anna Popelka und Georg Poduschka haben am 19.09.2018 im Bundesministerium die Urkunde zur Nominierung für den Staatspreis Architektur entgegengenommen. Damit wurde unser Projekt Pah-Cej-Kah, Büro- und Geschäftshaus, ausgezeichnet. Das Büro freut sich herzlich über die Auszeichnung.  

StaatspreisArchitektur_Fotograf Matthias Silveri

Überreichung der Nominierungsurkunde zum Staatspreis Architektur 2018 in der Kategorie Handel an Pah-Cej-Kah, Büro- und Geschäftshaus Deutsch-Wagram, in Niederösterreich; Architektur: PPAG architects ztgmbh; Bauherr: AC Wohnen (RP Projektentwicklung GmbH) v.l.n.r.: Architekt Georg Poduschka (PPAG architects ztgmbh), Ing. Reinhard Pacejka (RP Projektentwicklung GmbH), Architektin Anna Popelka (PPAG architects ztgmbh), FBM Schramböck © Matthias Silveri

News from 11/09/2018

Wohnbausymposium Variowohnen – 20.9.2018

Fachsymposium Wohnungsbau „Zwischen Grundrecht, Rendite und kulturelle Praxis“ am 20.09.2018 Veranstalter: Bundesbauministerium Ort: Hotel Stadtbad Oderberger, Orderbergerstr. 57, 10435 Berlin Vortrag von Anna Popelka: 14:30 - Wohnen hat keine Form Weitere Info und Anmeldung
News from 11/09/2018

Europan 6 & Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel

Architektur zum angreifen bei OPEN HOUSE WIEN 15. & 16. September 2018 PPAG freut sich, bei der 5. Ausgabe wieder 2 unserer Projekte präsentieren zu dürfen: - Wohnbau EUROPAN 6, Wien Simmering - Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel, Wien Favoriten Architektenführungen: 15:00 - 16:30
News from 11/09/2018


Internationaler Salon und Messe für den Bildungsbau PPAG architects erzählt von der neuen Schule Stand 57 12. - 13. September 2018 Loewe Saal in den Ludwig Loewe Höfen, Berlin Weitere Info Schulbaumesse_BER_2018_1
News from 23/08/2018


PPAG´s contribution to this years Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 - by invitation from the Montenegrin Pavilion Directed and Edited by Wolfgang Thaler
News from 23/08/2018

Architekturtage 2018

Visiting … PPAG architects ztgmbh PPAG invites to explore a selection of works on the media film and virtual reality. There are filmic insights from Wolfgang Thaler in realized projects such as “Pah-Cej-Kah – Office and Commercial Building” (Deutsch-Wagram) and “Slim City – Social Housing” (Vienna-Seestadt Aspern). In addition to this, two current projects (Berlin-Lützowstraße, Wien-Quartiershäuser) will be able to explore virtually. PPAG consciously works on the entire field of architecture, with current emphasis in residential and educational construction. Our plea: It takes new, courageous ways to do justice to the social and cultural significance of architecture. Fr, 08.06.2018 15:00 – 21:00 Uhr PPAG architects ztgmbh Damböckgasse 4/4. Stock 1060 Wien further information Videostills © Wolfgang Thaler Slim_City_Filmstill_web „Slim City, Wohnsiedlung in Wien-Seestadt Aspern“ Europan_Filmstill_web „Europan 06, Wohnbau in Wien-Simmering“ PahCejKah_Filmstill_web „Pah-Cej-Kah - Büro- und Geschäftshaus“
News from 26/04/2018

Make City!

The Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives Berlin: 14th June– 1st July 2018 Anna Popelka is talking on following projects: Schadekgasse, Slim City (Seestadt Aspern) and Urban Living. more information
News from 26/04/2018

„modern iranian architecture“

Exhibition and symposium PPAG is giving a lecture on "Urban Performances", 10am, 8th May 2018 Technical University Vienna Kuppelsaal Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien more information
News from 26/04/2018

Mies. Screening im Schikaneder Kino

Das Mies. Magazin präsentiert die erste Sendung der 6. Staffel! feat. Interviews mit AzW, PPAG, studiorural Donnerstag, 26. APRIL Einlass: 20.00 Uhr, Beginn: 20.30 Uhr Schikaneder Kino Margaretenstraße 22-24, 1040 Wien Eintritt frei mies.magazin_02
News from 23/04/2018

Exhibition „Daheim – Bauen und Wohnen in Gemeinschaft“

PPAG ist bei der Ausstellung Daheim – Bauen und Wohnen in Gemeinschaft“ in der Salzburger Initiative Architektur mit dem Tunesischen Dorf Radetzkystraße vertreten.

Es werden gemeinschaftliche Wohnbauten aus aller Welt gezeigt. Ausstellungseröffnung ist am 24. Januar, sie geht bis 23. März 2018.

Weitere Infos zur Ausstellung in der Salzburger Initiative Architektur.

Das E-Book ist bei De Gruyter erhältlich.

Ausstellungseröffnung_(c)_Sabine Bruckner Fotos: Sabine Bruckner  
News from 19/04/2018

Tagung “Mit System in der Mitte”

Stadtquartiere nachhaltig und innovativ entwickeln Donnerstag, 19. April 2018 ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory Georg Poduschka als Referent im Panel 2 zu den Arbeiten von PPAG architects. Video-Mitschnitt hier... Panel 2: PRAXIS der Veränderung Welche Organisationsformen einer innovativen Quartiersentwicklung haben sich bewährt? Was macht man wie und warum? Wie sind die Ergebnisse? Einführung Imke Woelk, IMKEWOELK + Partner Architekten, Berlin - 00:00:00 - 00:00:27 Wilhelm Klauser, InD-initialdesign, Berlin, Paris - 00:00:31 - 00:01:30 Kurzreferate: Daniela Brahm, Künstlerin, Mitbegründerin der ExRotaprint gGmbH, Berlin - 00:01:35 - 00:12:03 Soziale Skulptur: Was entsteht für ein Quartier, wenn es nicht um Profit geht? Georg Poduschka, PPAG architects, Wien - 00:12:35 - 00:24:42 Elastische Wohnung: Was verändert sich in einem Quartier, wenn sich die Grundrisse verändern? Klaus Kada, Architekt, Graz und Aachen - 00:25:30 - 00:43:35 Wohnzimmer: Was braucht ein Quartier um Lebensqualität zu schaffen? Renée Tribble + Christina Röthig, Planbude, Hamburg - 00:44:15 - 00:57:39 Kollektivproduktion: Wie organisiert man einen Prozess, in welchem das Quartier zum Planer wird? mit-system-nach-oben_Fachtagung-Berlin
News from 19/03/2018


Lecture by Anna Popelka. A lecture series of  the MSA (münster school of architecture) “Stadtansichten” in summer term 2018. International, renowned and exciting guests will talk on different positions of urban performance of architecture beyond the limits of the building site. Anna Popelka will held a lecture on “STRASSE=HAUS=PLATZ – Vorschläge für die Stadt im 21. Jahrhundert.” 04th April, 7pm: Anna Popelka, PPAG, Vienna 11th April, 7pm: Louisa Hutton, sauerbruch hutton, Berlin 25th April, 7pm: Tony Fretton, Tony Fretton Architects, London 17th October, 7pm: Manuelle Gautrand, Manuelle Gautrand Architecture, Paris   Lecture by Anna Popelka: 04.04.2018 – 7pm Location: msa | münster school of architecture Leonardo Campus 10 Leo 1 D–48149 Münster Link to the lecture series 00-stadtansichten-2018_0
News from 16/11/2017


Exhibition by PPAG architects With a focus on trendsetting forms of housing, PPAG architects is one of the leading protagonists of contemporary architecture in Austria. Since 1995, the Vienna-based architecture studio founded by Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka has been working to stimulate the further development of our society through innovative living environments. 'Do You Really Want to Live Like Your Mother?' presents a 1:1 model of their idea for an elastic space configuration within an apartment. The installation features plans, drawings, and films for structures planned and built by PPAG, including residential buildings and urban development projects in Vienna and Berlin. The exhibition gives visitors an insight into the well-considered solutions which meet the demands of the diverse ways of life. Exhibition: 9 December 2017 - 18 January 2018 Opening: Friday, 8 December 2017, 6.30 pm Speaking at the opening: Dr. h.c. Kristin Feireiss, Aedes, Berlin Anh-Linh Ngo, ARCH+, Berlin Anna Popelka & Georg Poduschka, PPAG architects, Vienna Location: Aedes Architecture Forum Christinenstr. 18-19 10119 Berlin Opening Hours: Tu-Fr 11 am-6.30 pm Su-Mo 1-5 pm Link to the exhibition AEDES_Flyer_1
News from 15/11/2017


DICHTE - Lecture with Anna Popelka 4.12.2017, 17:00 afo architekturforum österreich, linz more information
News from 14/11/2017


Symposium zum leistbaren Wohnen aus Österreich und der Schweiz Vienna, 30.November - 2. December 2017 Panel discussion with Anna Popelka 30.11.2017, 17:00 TUtheSky - Campus Getreidemarkt, TU Wien information and registration
News from 26/09/2017

JUNG Architekturgespräche Zürich / 22.11.2017

Lecture by Anna Popelka at the JUNG Architekturgespräche 22. November 2017, Zürich, Architekturforum Speakers: EIKE BECKER Eike Becker Architekten, Berlin ANNA POPELKA PPAG, Wien GUS WÜSTEMANN gus wüstemann architects, Zürich Host: HUBERTUS ADAM more information
News from 26/09/2017

AzW Studio Visits / 17.11.2017

In the context of the vienna art week, AzW Studio visits is guest at PPAG architects office. Friday, 17.11.2017, 14:00 - 18:00 Meeting Point: 13:50 Az W Shop, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna more information and registration
News from 26/09/2017

The Terrassenhaus: An urban Dream?

Panel discussion with Anna Popelka in the context of the exhibition "The Terrassenhaus. A Viennese Fetish? SammlungsLab #1" Wednesday, 18.10.2017, 19:00 Architekturzentrum Wien more information
News from 26/09/2017

AC Wohnen gets 10

AC Wohnen - developer and client of our project Office and Retail Centre Deutsch-Wagram celebrates its 10th anniversary and invites to a party on their Pah Cej Kah stepped pyramid. Friday, 13th Oktober 2017, 11:00 Photo: (c) AC Wohnen
News from 26/09/2017

Vienna Design Week 2017

Architecture-Talk at Technisches Museum Wien with Anna Popelka: „Growing cities - Challenge accepted!" Sunday, 1.10 2017, 13:00, Technisches Museum Wien more information
News from 26/09/2017

Architecture without borders

Beyond Shelter: Creating Inclusive Living Space. Lecture and discussion from and with Anna Popelka amongst others on 27.09.2017, 19:00 at AzW Podium more information Foto: David Kraler, Design: Luca Brusegan, Ulrike Hermann
News from 27/06/2017

Pah Cej Kah with »best architects 18« awarded

Office and Retail Centre Deutsch-Wagram, also named as Pah Cej Kah stepped pyramid, receives the renowed label »best architects 18« more information
News from 13/06/2017

Lecture by Anna Popelka in Düsseldorf / 26th of June

Werkvortrag by Anna Popelka for the Architecture Lecture Series at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. 26.06.2017 | 19:00 | Aula Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Further Information
News from 24/04/2017

Call for participation! Changing City – City of Ideas 2017

  Plattformnachwuchsarchitekten are searching for innovative architectural proposals in Berlin. This years Motto “Different Living in the District” sets the competitions focus on flexible hybrid living, public space, networked mobility, trustworthy digital infrastructure and sustainable use of resources. Works can be submitted until the 2nd of June 2017. Jury members are: Prof. Raoul Bunschoten, TU-Berlin Dr. Michael LaFond, Institute for Creative Sustainability Katrin Fischer-Distaso, Standke Landschaftsarchitekten Anna Popelka, PPAG architects, recipient of the award in 2016 Further Information
News from 20/04/2017

Georg Poduschka at Heilbronn Architecture Talk

3rd of May 2017 / Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall / 18:00: guided tour of the exhibition / 19:00: Architecture Talk Further Information
News from 04/04/2017

Winning project for Helmut-Zilk-Park, Vienna

Open UP! is our proposition of a new viennese „Zinshaus“, a hybrid, functionally unspecialized building that offers different uses on all floors, which are adaptable to changing future needs. Diverse and flexible outdoor, living, working and retail spaces not only allow a quality living environment but also open up the building towards the surroundings, allowing it to be in use all day and thereby turning it into an urban catalyst. Open UP! will be presented to the public at an exhibition opening on Thursday, 06.04.2017 at 6 p.m.. The exhibition showcases all successful projects planned for Sonnenwendviertel Ost in the hall of GB*10 in Vienna till  28th of April 2017. Further Information
News from 09/03/2017

Anna Popelka at IBA-Talk in Vienna

  Anna Popelka is taking part in the IBA-TALK: Does Quality require Experiment? IBA_Vienna between Pressure of Innovation and Social Challenges 23.03.2017 / 06:00 p.m. / Kempelengasse 1 , 1100 Wien Further Information
News from 09/03/2017

Anna Popelka at Turn On Festival 2017

  Turn On Architecture Festival - 09th-11th of March 2017 - ORF RadioKulturhaus, Wien Lecture by Anna Popelka: "SLIM CITY Aspern, Wien" 11th of March 01.00 p.m. Further information
News from 10/01/2017

Anna Popelka speaks at BAU 2017

BAU 2017 "The Future of Building" - 19.01.2017, Munich Lecture by Anna Popelka: "Housing construction in the urban and social context" Subjects: Living and Building 2020 19. 01. 2017 / Hall C2 Forum C2 Stand C2.309 12.00 - 12:45 a.m. Further information
News from 22/11/2016


  Every 20 years the UN organises a Habitat-World conference, which aims to deal with housing and urban development issues: Vancouver 1976, Istanbul 1996, Quito/ Ecuador 2016. At the Habitat III conference, in late October this year, the ,,New Urban Agenda”  (link) was passed. Important objectives regarding urban development for existing and also for new cities were defined: sustainability, safety, alternative mobility, living space quality, distribution fairness, social sustainability, innovative economic development… However, between all of these correct and important goals, the main intent has been overlooked: Urban development is a cultural achievement!
News from 10/11/2016

State-of-the-art Architektur für die ganztägige Schulform

  Die gegenwärtige Pädagogik setzt auf eine individuelle Betreuung für jedes Kind. Nicht der instruktive Unterricht steht im Vordergrund, sondern neue Lernformen wie Freies Lernen und Projektunterricht. Forciert wird die individuelle Förderung der Interessen und Begabungen. Die Ganztagesschule vereint innerhalb eines pädagogischen Gesamtkonzepts die unterschiedlichsten Angebote an Bildung, Erziehung, Betreuung, Freizeit und Förderung. Die Infrastruktur des Schulhauses spielt nicht nur für die adäquate räumliche Organisation dieser Angebote eine wesentliche Rolle, die Architektur übernimmt selbst die Funktion des „3rd teacher“. Mit dem Projekt Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel von PPAG konnte 2014 in Wien jener Bildungsbau umgesetzt werden der den aktuellen Anforderungen einer modernen Pädagogik am besten entspricht. Der Bildungscampus ist eine Ganztages- und Ganzjahreseinrichtung mit verschränktem Unterricht. Die Freizeitbereiche wurden hier erstmals nicht getrennt errichtet, sondern das Konzept einer „Wohnschule“ entwickelt und umgesetzt. 1100 Kinder von 0-14 Jahren werden den Bildungscampus in Vollnutzung besuchen. Adresse: Gudrunstraße 110, 1100 Wien Die Übersetzung der aktuellen Pädagogik in Raum wird von PPAG permanent weiterentwickelt. Aktuell realisieren PPAG gemeinsam mit helen&hard den next step des state-of-the-art Bildungsraumes für die Sauland Skole Norway.   Weitere Informationen unter
News from 09/11/2016


  Symposium and presentation of the book: Bezahlbar.Gut.Wohnen. - Strategien für erschwinglichen Wohnraum by Klaus Dömer, Hans Drexler, Joachim Schultz-Granberg 18th of November 2016, 17:30 – 20:00 Aula of University Munich, Faculty of Architecture Keynotes: Christopher Dell / Institute for Improvisation Technology (IFIT), Hamburg - Ware Wohnen! Georg Poduschka / PPAG architects, Vienna - HABITAT 2016 - Wohnen ganz neu decken Herwig Spiegl / AllesWirdGut, Vienna - magdas Hotel - ein Social Business Model Hostet and promoted by Hans Sauer Stiftung and University Munich more information
News from 08/11/2016

Lecture in Hamburg

  Anna Popelka will speak on "New Models for the City" at the International ArchitectureForum 2016 in Hamburg (November 17 to 19). Under the motto "City in Motion – Architecture for Cities" prominent international lecturers will present state-of-the-art projects that open possibilities for the development of human society.   More information    
News from 03/11/2016

BEST OF AUSTRIA Architecture 2014_2015

PPAG architects is represented in the current edition of the book BEST OF AUSTRIA Architecture 2014_2015 with the projects Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel, Facade of a Car Park Skopje, Restaurant Steirereck, Sandpit Kagome and Tunesian Village Radetzkystraße. Published by the Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W)
News from 31/10/2016

BEST OF AUSTRIA Architecture 2014_2015

PPAG architects is represented in the current edition of the book BEST OF AUSTRIA Architecture 2014_2015 with the projects Bildungscampus SonnwendviertelFacade of a Car Park SkopjeRestaurant SteirereckSandpit Kagome and Tunesian Village Radetzkystraße. Book presentation and panel discussion Wednesday, 2. November 2016, 7 pm, Architekturzentrum Wien - Podium Info about the event Picture: © lenz+ büro für visuelle gestaltung
News from 12/10/2016

Jury – GAD Awards 16

As part of the Jury, Anna Popelka will award this years winners of the GAD Awards 16 on 14.October 2016. Jury: Lukas Göbl | göblarchitektur | Krems-Wien Anna Popelka | PPAG architects | Wien Kjetil Thorsen | Snøhetta | Oslo more infos on the program
News from 20/09/2016


PPAG ist bei der Ausstellung "Daheim - Bauen und Wohnen in Gemeinschaft" am Vorarlberger Architektur Institut mit dem Tunesischen Dorf Radetzkystraße vertreten. Es werden gemeinschaftliche Wohnbauten aus aller Welt gezeigt. Ausstellungseröffnung ist am 22. September, sie geht bis 21. Januar. weitere Infos zur Ausstellung im vai
News from 18/09/2016

ENZIS in Rondo Magazine

"The Museum Quarter in Vienna only started working when the ENZIS came." The urban furniture gives the MQ "an added emotinal value" that attracts the people. Christian Mikunda, Viennese marketing expert, RONDO 09/16 Photo: (c) david sailer
News from 15/09/2016

ENZIS im Rondo-Magazin

"Das Wiener Museumsquartier hat erst funktioniert, als die ENZIS gekommen sind." Die Möbel geben dem MQ "einen emotionalen Mehrwert", der die Menschen anziehe. Christian Mikunda, Wiener Marketingexperte, RONDO 09/16
News from 14/09/2016

Kanzler am Park

  The Chancellor of Austria, Christian Kern appeared at a campaign event next to our project Wohnen am Park on September 13. The chancellor praised the way "people have been given a new home" in the area and called the neighbourhood "one of the most livable places Austria has to offer". (source: W24)   More information
News from 13/09/2016

Az W Bezugsfertig

  The series „Bezugsfertig“ from the Architekturzentrum Wien focuses on the new urban development Seestadt Aspern this year. One of the projects is PPAG's Slim City. Panel discussion on September 21, 7 PM Tour with the architects on September 24, 3-6 PM   More information    
News from 13/09/2016


  On September 30 the new office and business building in Deutsch-Wagram officially opens! Starting at 2 PM you can get a first glance into the new building and enjoy the spectacular view from the roof terrace!    
News from 10/09/2016

Active partner of OPEN HOUSE VIENNA 2016

This year, PPAG takes part at open house vienna from 10. - 11. 09. 2016 with the Climatic Wind Tunnel and House AC Living (Pacejka). + guided tour by the architects
News from 25/07/2016

The new PPAG backpacks are here!

  Bring your favorite architects to your home! This collector’s item will make your back to a canvas! The first five who write to us can pick one up for free. Just send a short message to
News from 15/07/2016


Competition for an integrated primary school with an innovative spatial and pedagogical concept. The new school building in Schwefel  aims to offer the students the best possible learning and living environment. The individual modules on the upper floor are conceived as little villages for about 85 children. They are arranged in a circle around the central courtyard.  In addition to classrooms and group spaces, each village has a team station and a kitchen situated in relation to the courtyard.  
News from 08/07/2016

First Prize for competition STADT IM WANDEL – STADT DER IDEEN

  THE ELASTIC APARTMENT The renowned jury chaired by Prof. Dr. Andreas Lepik chose our concept of the elastic apartment as a contribution with potential for the city.   INVITATION TO ROUND TABLE TALK ON JULY 15 AT 19:00 LADENLOKAL NAZARETHKIRCHSTR. 39, 13347 BERLIN-WEDDING In the context of the award PPAG (Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka) will present their concept of the elastic apartment, which completely rethinks the apartment itself. Not  a utopian project but a realizable idea, the elastic apartment is an abstract spatial structure whose compact layout can accommodate many or few people. A living environment for rich and poor that changes through its use, not through renovation. Professor alongside street cleaner, refugee next to banker. The elastic apartment forms not only a contribution to constructing a welcoming culture but to affordable living in general.  
News from 07/07/2016

Steirereck shortlisted for WIN AWARD ’16

in the Category Restaurants 2016
News from 31/05/2016

“THE URBAN FUTURE” completed

We are happy to announce the completion and opening of the exhibition "THE URBAN FUTURE thinking_forward_" in Technisches Museum Wien. Opening on June 8th, 2016 at 19:00, Technisches Museum Wien In the contemporary city, millions of people, each with different needs, coincide within a narrow space. That is exactly why cities form the strongest drive for research and development. The constant interaction between growth, common visions and urban development, continually asks for innovation, in order to shape the urban future. On approximately 1.000 m², “The Urban Future ” now invites you to immerse in these themes from an Austrian and international perspective. landmark: propeller z exhibition space: PPAG architects
News from 11/04/2016


  BACK AHEAD – NEW AUSTRIAN DESIGN PERSPECTIVES   Milano, 12–17 April 2016 Villa Necchi Campiglio Via Mozart 14 20122 MILANO ITALY        
News from 18/03/2016


Vote for our project in the category Furniture - Outdoor! B_Finalist_2016
News from 24/02/2016

PPAG together with helen&hard are planning a secondary school in Sauland/ Norway

The village of Sauland - norwegian for sheep land - is located about 2 hours east of Oslo.  The small commune invests in education. The run down wing, in which until now the school was housed will be replaced with a new wooden building which will be state of the art in educational science. The joint venture of PPAG and helen&hard came off as a winner of the application procedure for the project. Sauland_Impressions_PPAG_1 Sauland_Impressions_PPAG_4
News from 14/01/2016

Panel discussion with Anna Popelka / 19.01.2016 / 19:00 AzW Podium

Superscape 2016 - Future Urban Living

What is required of tomorrow’s urban residential spaces? Pannel discussion featuring: Elke Delugan-Meissl, Architect & Founder DMAA, Commissionary of the Austrian Pavilion of Venice Biennale 2016 Harald Gründl, Designer, Design Researcher & Founder, EOOS Lilli Hollein,Curator and Director of the Vienna Design Week Anna Popelka, Architect & Founder, PPAG architects Tuesday, January 19th  2016, 19:00, AzW Podium see more
News from 14/01/2016

Recognition prize for competition bauhaus-archiv / museum für gestaltung / berlin

Can design change society? – Society can change design! Ascending spirit of the Bauhaus and urban life come together to create an accessible and moving landscape.

WB_Bauhaus_Konzept From the jury report: “…Exciting indoor and outdoor space structure develops movement spaces with high potential. It enables an act of continuation and reinterpretation of the Bauhaus philosophy…” The task was an enormous extension of the building, which was designed by Walter Gropius in 1970s. The extension covered Exhibition Spaces, Collection, Administration, Foyer with Café and Shop at the same property. An underground foundation of new building forms all exhibition spaces, permanent exhibition, temporary exhibition, special exhibition, and cabinet exhibition, which need to be completely protected from the daylight due to restoration reasons. In front of the exhibition spaces there are ambiguous areas that allow multiple uses. The outdoor area seems to look noticeably bigger. The museum faces daily life. Berliners come and meet the moving landscape created by ascending spirit of the Bauhaus and by overground life. Seats, beds, paths, courtyards and squares emerge. The desire to set the scene for the first exhibit – the existing building – is realized by near and far references. The project has been developed strongly from the perspective of the Berliners, the visitors, the museum employees and others involved. It is about architecture directly molded from life, or rather architecture that forms it itself. The winning works will be presented at the special exhibition “moving forward” from 2.12.2015 to 29.2.2016.
News from 13/01/2016


The Campus+ is a current type of an educational institution uniting over 1,000 children and adolescents from 0-14 years under one roof. It is an integrating institution operating full-day and year-round. The project translates the educational Program from KIGA and VS, and also the educational objectives of the NMS consistently in space. Beginning with Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel, the further developed Cluster / BIBER cope with amounts of students by dividing them into well-arranged groups and providing them with stimulating learning and living space. It is all about usable space. Pure traffic area no longer exists. The area of the learning landscape is decentralized and flexibly assigned. The special classrooms of all educational institutes shape the centre of the Campus. Thematic workshops form the core where all the children, youth and adults meet.WB_Berresgasse_Ansicht
News from 26/11/2015


We are happy about the recognition which is based on an objective analysis of the international trade press. BauNetz comment End-of-year BauNetz-ranking Es darf gerankt werden - Franziska Leeb
News from 05/11/2015

dérive Slim City

by Architekturfotograf Markus Bstieler our pleasure!
News from 13/10/2015

Exhibition + Lecture

PPAG architects in cooperation with Jos Bosman and CASA Vertigo presents: 3 design products in the context of 3 built projects Manta table - Sonnwendviertel Education Campus Twins - housing project Slim City Handbag bench - Restaurant Steirereck Exhibition - 17.10. - 13.11. 2015 + Lecture - 20.10.2015 CASA Vertigo - TU Eindhoven PPAG @ dutch design week 2015 dutchdesignweek
News from 01/10/2015

delight about 9th

9th place for PPAG at international ranking of architecture offices for September/October 2015 PPAG auf Platz 9 im internationalen BauNetz-Ranking_September-Oktober_2015_Seite_1
News from 23/09/2015

AIA Europe – the Vienna Conference

Sonnwendviertel Education Campus will be featured at Sunday´s program of the AIA - Vienna Conference from 1. - 4. October 2015 with the title: Vienna - The world´s most liveable city See the full program here >>> Lecture and walking tour by and with the architects!
News from 12/09/2015


How and why are more and more people building accommodation in communities? What forms of the phenomenon are there, and what role can architecture and building culture play in this context? Exhibition 12. September 2015 - 28. February 2016 DAM Frankfurt PPAG architects presents the project Tunesian Village - Radetzkystraße. Curator: Laura Kienbaum Link to the exhibition at DAM folder program © Photo: Norbert Miguletz
News from 11/09/2015

Flat for rent in Hautzenbichl | Kobenz

More information in PDF.
News from 13/07/2015

PPAG is again exhibiting partner of OPEN HOUSE VIENNA 2015

The Climatic Wind Tunnel is on Saturday, 12.09.2015, 13:00 - 17:00 and Wohnhof Orasteig on Sunday, 13.09. 2015, 10:00 - 17:00 open for the public. We are looking foreward to your visit! More information to the whole program at:
News from 29/06/2015

Grožnjan Summer School of Architecture

PPAG as a special guest at Grožnjan Summer School of Architecture - SPIRITSPIRITSPIRITS 2015 from 1st - 10th of August at JMC Cultural Centre in Grožnjan, Istria - Croatia Info and registration: Gr15_program Groznjan2015-A4
News from 22/06/2015

First Spring in the Slim City, Aspern

News from 22/06/2015

Exhibition Berlin

PPAG's proposal for the idea competition now on display at the correspondent Exhibition URBAN LIVING – Strategies for the Future. Exhibition: 22.05. - 04.07.2015 at DAZ Berlin Order the book here
News from 23/04/2015

10th place for PPAG at international ranking of architecture offices

BauNetz article BauNetz ranking March-April 2015
News from 23/04/2015

Restaurant Steirereck wins the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award

Restaurant Steirereck is the A+Award Popular Choice Winner in the Typology Categories | Hospitality: Restaurants category. Thanks for your votes!
News from 19/03/2015


Radetzkystrasse - A village on the Roof selected for a special mention at the ARCHITIZER A+ AWARDS
News from 19/03/2015


Vote for our project in the category Hospitality: Restaurants!
News from 12/02/2015

ÖGFA_Bauvisite 192/193

Seestadt Aspern Bauplatz D8 (PPAG) Es führt: Anna Popelka 27.02.2015 | 14:00 Weitere Führungen: Bauplatz D9 (AWG und DELTA) Bauplatz D12 (Berger+Parkkinen / querkraft) Veranstaltungsort: Maria-Tusch-Straße 13, 1220 Wien Treffpunkt: Maria-Tusch-Straße Ecke Hannah-Arendt-Platz Erreichbarkeit: U2 Seestadt Weitere Informationen
News from 20/01/2015

PPAG at TURN ON 2015

Elfriede Heinrich | Georg Poduschka Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel Dialog: Stadt Wien | PPAG architects | for nora flooring systems GmbH Friday, March 6th from 15:50, free entry Großer Sendesaal at the ORF RadioKulturhaus, Vienna TURN-ON Architecture Festival 5. – 7. March 2015 ORF RadioKulturhaus Argentinierstraße 30a, 1040 Vienna Program
News from 19/01/2015


PPAG architects in the series of UdK-Tuesday lectures on 10th of February 2015, 19:00 at UdK-Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin
News from 15/12/2014


BERUF(UNG) ARCHITEKT/IN 15.12., 11h at the Audimax, Vienna
News from 21/11/2014


Sonnwendviertel Education Campus completed
News from 21/11/2014

Sonnwendviertel Education Campus Vienna nominated

Sonnwendviertel Education Campus for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2015 nominated.
News from 21/11/2014

Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel nominiert

für den European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2015
News from 12/11/2014

Guest Lectures – Architecture Competition

06. November 2014, 18:00 - 20:00 Karlsplatz 13, HS 7 with: Tina Gregoric - deklava gregorič arhitekti Bernd Vlay - STUDIOVLAY Anna Popelka, Georg Poduschka - PPAG architects Presentation: Christian Kühn Poster
News from 16/10/2014

Lecture and discussion

Lecture: "Neue Wege im im Wiener Schulbau" Entwicklungen am Beispiel Campus Hauptbahnhof 23.10.2014, 10:00-14:00, B(R)G Neusiedl am See "Neue Räume für die Bildung" - eine Veranstaltung der Reihe Schule und Baukultur, im Rahmen des Kulturschwerpunktes "2014 | Jahr der Burgenländischen Baukultur"
News from 25/08/2014

OPEN HOUSE VIENNA with our projects

Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel: 13.09.2014, 10:00-17:00 (Start of the tour guided by the architects: 13:00,meeting point: main entrance) Dachaufbau Radezkystraße: 13.+14.09.2014, 12:00-17:00 Wohnhof Orasteig: 13.+14.09.2014, 10:00-17:00 Klimawindkanal: 13.09.2014, 13:00-16:00 registration not necessary further information:
News from 25/08/2014

Panel discussion about Bildungscampus

22. October 2014, 19.00 at Architekturzentrum Wien with Werner Schuster, GL Hochbau Stadtbaudirektion Wien Cornelia Fisar, Leiterin Kindergarten Franz Hammerer, Pädagogische Hochschule Wien Anna Popelka und Georg Poduschka, PPAG Architekten Moderator: Christian Kühn, TU Wien
News from 08/08/2014

PPAG feat. Baumeistertag Deutsch-Wagram

Am 8. August fand in Deutsch-Wagram im Rahmen eines Ferienspiels für Kinder der Baumeistertag statt - organisiert durch AC WOHNEN. Wir waren eingeladen mit der Station "Ein Haus bauen" dabei zu sein. Auf einem Katasterplan aus einzelnen kleinen Grundstücken entstand eine von den Kindern entworfene und gebaute Stadt. Unterschiedliche geometrische Formen aus gefaltetem Papier wurden zu architektonischen Objekten kombiniert und mittels Modellbäumen und Personen in Relation gesetzt. Nachbarschaften wurden verhandelt, Grundstücke geteilt und neben den unterschiedlichsten Gebäuden auch Freiräume entworfen. Die Kinder erprobten sich als Architekten, Städtebauer, Entwickler und Bauherren in einem.
News from 24/07/2014

Am 20.10.2014 bei uns im Büro

News from 16/07/2014

Preis der Stadt Wien für Architektur 2014

Für unser bisheriges Lebenswerk wurde uns der Preis der Stadt Wien zuerkannt. Wir freuen uns sehr!
News from 14/07/2014

PPAG visiting professor at the Technical University of Vienna: MINI CAMPUS

Constructing a stand-alone school campus is often neither possible nor practical in the city. The mini campus, which is intended to function as an additional standard component of the social infrastructure of the city (residential, office, retail) encompasses many uses, invigorates urban surroundings, does not require its own plot of land, and provides a multifaceted and synergetic array of potential uses. 14 completely different student projects illustrate how the mini-campus has its own typology. It is a new kind of building that offers synergetic and social potential which, with appropriate formulation, will in the future bring about a new way of thinking. Presentation and symposium in the fall of 2014
News from 19/05/2014

Book Presentation

PPAG architects invites to the presentation of the monograph PPAG: Speaking Architecture Date: June 12th, 2014 Time: 7 pm Venue: Buchhandlung Walther König, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna Including drinks at Kantine next door More information:
News from 01/04/2014

Architizer A+ Award Winner

Thank you very much for your votes! We won the Architizer A+ Award Public Choice for the facade of a parking garage in Skopje. The awards ceremony will take place on May 15th in New York.
News from 20/03/2014

Lecture PPAG

8.05.2014; 7 p.m. Series 'Speaking about architecture' by Zentralvereinigung der ArchitektInnen Österreichs BENE, Neutorgasse 4-8, 1010 Vienna
News from 20/03/2014

Lecture PPAG

9.05.2014; 6 p.m. Belgrade International Architecture Week
News from 14/03/2014


Urban Living – new forms of inner-city dwelling PPAG is currently developing, upon invitation of the city of Berlin and by the means of a real site in Neukölln, a manifest for a dense social city inside the city, a building for a broad section through society which is to function as a tool for an active and shared living in the city. The apartments are very diverse and neutral spaces can be individually allocated according to the tenants particular living conditions (birthday party, fostering of family members, flat for a teenager).The accessible mountainous structure also features a great number of different communal spaces that are also commercially usable, a covered sportsground at its center, spaces for small theme shows und markets, a coffeehouse, wintergardens for gardening and a mountain pasture on its very peak. The design is discussed online until April 5, 2014. We hereby invite you to join on Ideas and proposals of the case study and the internet dialog will be discussed with the housing industry and will be further developed from summer 2014.
News from 10/03/2014

Architizer A+ Award Finalist

PPAG is nominated as finalist for the Architizer A+ Award for 3 projects: Kagome, the facade of a parking garage in Skopje, Macedonia and the furniture Twins. Go online and vote for us: Kagome Facade of parking garage, Skopje Twins
News from 09/12/2013


Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel
Helmut Pierer
News from 10/10/2013


We completed Europan
News from 18/09/2013

PPAG now cooks at the Steirereck

After winning the competition last year, work is beginning on the renovations on the Steirereck building site.
News from 11/09/2013


News from 03/05/2013


at Salon Jardin, Schlosspark Hetzendorf Friday, 03.05.2013: 2 - 7 pm Saturday, 4.05.2013: 10 am - 7 pm Sunday, 5.05.2013: 10 am - 6 pm Venue: Schlosspark Hetzendorf, Hetzendorferstraße 79, 1120 Vienna
News from 15/03/2013

Exhibition PPAG

Within theWiener Wohnbaufestwochen the event Gemeinschaftliches Wohnen hat Zukunft! (collective housing for the future!) will take place. PPAG will be presented with the projects Wohnhof Orasteig Dachausbau Radetzkystrasse

Friday, March 15, 2013 Exhibition: 5:30 - 9:00 pm Place: AZW Wien/ Podium, Museumsquartier, 1070 Vienna
News from 11/03/2013

Exhibition PPAG

The exhibition aspern Die Seestadt Wiens at AZW Vienna shows one of Europe's biggest urban expansion projects. PPAG is presented with the project Slim City on site D8. Exhibition:  11.03-22.03.2013 Place: AZW Wien/ Halle F3, Museumsquartier, 1070 Vienna
News from 06/12/2012

LECTURE PPAG more is more 6.12.2012-19h; Zumtobel Lichtforum Dornbirn Schweizer Straße 30, A-6851 Dornbirn
News from 08/11/2012


WINTER IM MQ 2012  - opens it's doors today at 5pm
News from 05/11/2012


lecture series "Design versus Architecture" CTU, Faculty of Architecture 5.11.2012, 18h CTU Prague, Faculty of Architecture Thákurova 9, 166 34 Praha 6 – Dejvice Czech Republic  
News from 22/09/2012


Wohnen am Park (nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2011) in context of the exhibition Europe's Best Buildings at the architecture center in Vienna Lecture: saturday 22.9.2012; start:14h;  lecture PPAG: 16h30 Architekturzentrum Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
News from 23/06/2012

GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONY elementary school Schattendorf

Volksschule Schattendorf
News from 21/06/2012


Bildungscampus Sonnwendviertel
News from 25/05/2012

architectsdocuments 3

Exhibition hosted by the architecture association in Kassel-KAZ im KUBA running parallel to the dOCUMENTA 13 (June 10th till September 16th) architectdocuments 3 will show works of international renown architects PPAG:Aufgedrehte Fliese
News from 15/05/2012

KAGOME open for visitors!

News from 11/05/2012


Salon Jardin 11-13.05 2012 The whole Enzi family takes part in the SALON JARDIN Exhibition at the Schlosspark Hetzendorf!
News from 11/04/2012


in context of the "Economic Housing Construction" lecture series Monday April 23rd 2012 3:30pm - 7:30pm Location: Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstraße 3, 10115 Berlin-Mitte
News from 30/03/2012


Bildungscampus Hauptbahnhof - Stand der Dinge Due to the large interest - the exhibition has been extended until April 12th 2012. Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung im 10. Bezirk GB*10 Quellenstraße 149 (courtyard) Opening hours: Mon. & Tues. 9am-5pm, Thurs 1pm-7pm, Fri. 9am-12am
News from 29/03/2012


PPAG architects are taking part in the RAW & DELICATE Exhibition in Milano! La Pelota, Via Palermo 10 Brera District, Milano April 17th to 22nd 2012
News from 20/03/2012


as part of the Tuesdays series EVOLUTION OF HOUSING FORMS IN CENTRAL EUROPE with the focus on housing and sustainability in public space in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, lectures are being held by architects, architecture-theorists and artists. Tuesday March 20th 2012 Faculty of Architektur, TU Brno, Czech Republic 17:00 Auditorium A310 19:00 Afterparty at Detox
News from 13/03/2012


Bildungscampus Hauptbahnhof - Latest Development The planning stage and different phases of development of the Bildungscampus Hauptbahnhof will be presented in this exhibit. Visitors will be able to visit and also speak with part of the planning team on the day of the opening. Special guided tours through the exhibit where a large model of the entire project as well as models of the interior furnishing (at the scale 1:1) will be shown, will give the visitor a vivid impression of the future organization of this innovative campus. Opening: Tues. March 13th 2012, 18:00 Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung im 10. Bezirk, Quellenstraße 149 (courtyard) Exhibit: from the 14th to 27th March 2012 mon-wed, 9-17:00, Thurs 12-19:00, Fri 9-12:00 Admission free!
News from 14/02/2012


our new address is: PPAG architects ztgmbh Damböckgasse 4 A-1060 Vienna
News from 11/01/2012


PPAG architects ztgmbh are looking for architects with a high awareness of responsibility, experience in detail and execution planning as well as excellent AutoCAD know-how.
News from 23/12/2011


PPAG has won the competition for the Wiental Möblierung.
News from 10/11/2011


WINTER IM MQ 2011 - opens it's doors today at 5pm
News from 20/10/2011


in context of the TU Vienna lecture series building typologies Thursday, 20.10.2011, 17h30-19h39: Bildungscampus Hauptbahnhof Schütte-Lihotzky Hörsaal (HS7)-TU Wien
News from 14/10/2011


the new "Stoffenzis" (Stoff=material), covered in specially selected textiles with the handcrafted tapestry work done by the renowned Möbelwerkstatt Kohlmaier in Vienna, can be seen from the 14th to 16th October at the INTERNATIONAL DESIGNFAIR BLICKFANG at the MAK in Vienna.
News from 12/10/2011


Keynote Speech und Panel Discussion: Gestaltungselemente für attraktive Stadträume  in context of the Vienese Tourism Conferencem 2011 The Urban Age Wiener Musikverein; Gläserner Saal (Plenum) Metallener & Steinerner Saal (Workshops) Bösendorferstraße 12, 1010 Wien Mittwoch 12.Oktober 2011; 13.30-22.00 (admission start at 13.00)
News from 12/10/2011


in context of the internationalen Conference on New build or energy-efficient renovation of school and kindergarden buildings "WE GO GREEN" 12.10.2011, 09:00-17.00 Erste Bank Event Center Dachgeschoss Petersplatz 7, 1010 Wien
News from 11/10/2011


The Housing Project EUROPAN 6 in Simmering, Vienna is becoming reality!
News from 22/07/2011


News from 12/07/2011


in context of the "Urban Divan" Workshop in Brno 12.07.2011 18h,  4AM/Gallery of architecture
News from 17/06/2011

Lecture PPAG

in context of "Wohnbausymposiums St.Pölten"

ORTE Architektur Netzwerk Niederösterreich

Freitag, 17.Juni 2011; 10-19h;

NÖ Landesbibliothek St.Pölten

News from 15/06/2011

awarded ENZOS

the together with MN*LS developed ENZOS win the columbian Ganadores XIV Prize 2011 in the furniture category!
News from 05/06/2011

Lecture PPAG

In context of the "Skopje Architecture Week" Sunday morning 05.06.2011, Skopje Skopje Architecture Week: 1-9.Juni 2011
News from 27/05/2011

Lecture PPAG

in context of the PECHA KUCHA Night Bratislava
Friday 27.05.2011; 19h,
MMC-Majestic Music Club, Šancova street, Bratislava

News from 19/05/2011


mehr ist mehr (Vol 2) in context of the lecture series: Junge Architektur 2011; Architektur in Progress 19.Mai 2011- 19h bene zumtobel Bene/Zumtobel Graz Graz, Grabenstraße 23
News from 10/05/2011

PPAG booklet

regarding the project Bildungscampus Hauptbahnhof PPAG145_bildungscampus_Broschuere_en
News from 12/04/2011

ENZOS in Milano

The yardfurniture Enzo, developed together with MN*LS is exhibited at the Milano furniture (12.-17.April) Design Vision Austria Design Party: 14.April 2011 9-12pm
News from 20/03/2011


Bildungscampus Hauptbahnhof in context of the opening of the exhibition Bildungscampus Hauptbahnhof in AZW Halle F Opening and lecture: 30.3.2011 19h Exhibition:31.3.2011-11.4.2011
News from 12/03/2011


"Living" in context of the Turn On Architektur Festivals, Saturday 12.03; 13h; ORF RadioKulturhaus, Vienna
News from 18/02/2011


in context of the pecha kucha lecture series at the BAUEN ENERGIE- Messe 2011, 18.02.2011; 13h Messe Wien
News from 17/02/2011

We won the competition!

PPAG wins the eu wide open competition Bildungscampus Hauptbahnhof Situated in the urban development area of Hauptbahnhof the campus project - consisting of kindergarten, primary and junior high school - is based on the new and ambitious education guidelines of the city of Vienna. The project promotes a typological paradigm shift regarding the spatial articulation of classrooms and interior-exterior activities across the entire campus. The classrooms, project areas and teacher´s rooms are organized around a central market place in a “cluster” fashion. The school campus itself as a third educator. Competition exhibition: OFROOM, Taborstraße 18 1020 Wien; Duration of exhibition: February 25th till March 9th 2011 Opening: February 24th 2011, 18h
News from 01/12/2010


Wohnen am Park is nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award!
News from 25/11/2010


Zu Hause im Wohnbau in context of the Tiroler Wohnbausymposium und Passivhausforum 2010 25.11.2010, 14:30, Mainstage Falkstrasse 2-4, Innbrucker Messe, Innsbruck
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